Mr. Cruise is back as the specialized IMF agent to accept a new mission that can be life threatening. It’s my review of Mission Impossible 3.

“What is Rabbit’s foot”?  This is the quote mentioned in the movie and also many times in the movie. MI 3 directed by debutant J.J Abrams, alongside co-written by Alex Kurtmann and Robert Orci, produced by Cruise-Wagner, gives another action packed popcorn entertainer for the audience. With the star cast involving, Tom Cruise, Michelle Monaghan and Philip Seymour Hoffmann, Paramount Pictures brings in the sequel to the original series, inspired from television series by Bruce Geller.

The plot is all about Davian (Philip Seymour) who is having certain documents, regarding a code word called Rabbit’s foot. Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) and his IMF co workers infiltrate his place of arrival and as usual they capture him successfully. But Davian is a mastermind and he escapes. Now Ethan feels responsible for this. But there is also secret information given by late Agent Lindsey (Keri Russell) that may relate Ethan’s work place and Davian. This is the mission. Will he choose to accept it?

Plot development is barely effective. I felt with the runtime nearly 120 minutes, the impossible stunts and efforts are just about 45 minutes. The rest of the movie is all about Mr. Cruise rather than Ethan Hunt, who is busy with his engagement preparations, and also a man struggling hard to say the truth to his girl friend. The movie would have wrapped up under 90 minutes. The main story is kept behind and the sub plot and character building has been put the main focus. J.J Abrams surely gave a human appeal to Ethan, but it is too much of Mr. Cruise in this movie.  Is that all necessary for an action movie? As always, we see lengthy helicopter chases, airplane fights and regular MI infiltration wearing a mask. This is all common in action thrillers. No doubt the action scenes are splendid. But yet the movie misses the impossible effect.

Characters are quite good. Mr. Cruise plays again as Ethan Hunt who works for IMF. He has a girl friend now in this movie. I remember MI-II had another girl friend. What happened to her? Is she ditched or dead. The answer is unknown. His character development is more of romantic way rather than clever Ethan Hunt except the infiltration scene. Philip Seymour plays Davian the black market trafficker as per camera Ethan takes from the shopping mall, and not by Abrams. Michelle Monaghan plays the leading lady in the movie. She is okay and I felt she needed a much better role. Maggie Q and Ving Rhames play IMF agents alongside Ethan. Rhames is caring about Ethan whereas Q is not Q of James Bond. Her character is totally wasted. Lawrence Fishburne, is a strict and yet dependent guy on Ethan Hunt. Billy Crudup is more a self oriented character and assigns a mission for Ethan, as an ex-engagement gift.

Music by Micheal Giacchino is good. The movie gave the old theme during the credits. It was engaging and also giving the tense in silent scenes. Presentation is having a typical action movie scenario. We have long car scene, some plane fights and also some powerful kick shots. They all have been shown with aesthetic appeal and give a real popcorn thrill. Editing is not good.

Bottom line: Action scenes, performed by Mr. Cruise are cool and intelligent. But somewhat I missed Ethan Hunt in the movie. Finally I can say that MI-II and MI take the top slot. Hope MI- 4 will be better.

My word: Plot development is weak. I give B+