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Captain America: The First Avenger 2011

The hero with a metal shield is on to the big screen. It’s my review of Captain America: First Avenger.


“Its time we have to knock the enemy’s door” a quote mentioned in the movie gives us the fact that these are those people brave enough to face the enemy territory. Captain America, hero we can recognize from comic books, and also many cartoons seen in television, Marvel comics has decided to bring it on to the big screen. Directed by, Joe Johnston (famous for October Sky), and written by Christopher Markus (famous for Narnia series) and co, captain America: the first avenger is all ready to become a super hero movie. The film stars Chris evans(famous for Fantastic four and cellular) , as Steve rogers who later on turns into captain America, and also Tommy Lee Jones, as the sergeant. The film also stars Hugo Weaving(famous for Matrix), and we know what character we can get from him. It co stars Hayley Atwell and also Dominic Cooper.


Plot in the movie goes during the time of 1940’s and we know the fact that world war is going on, and the movie opens up with a good scene displaying a shield buried deep in the snow region. Then we get to know about Steve rogers, a young boy who is ready to join the army to fight for the country. But due to rejection, steve has no other option rather than meeting his friend, and enjoying parties with him. But during a course of time a doctor observes him and says that he has something special that he can do for a country and takes steve to his secret observatory, where they make him into a hero. Now the transformed steve is tall, muscular, very fast running and yet funny at times is now trying to promote himself, for the world by entering the television screen, and entering movies. Meanwhile Johann Schimdt (Hugo Weaving), is creating a weapon that is called as HYDRA, which can just destroy persons in flash of seconds. The team is led by captain America, and he manages to infiltrate the enemy territory and save many prisoners. But now Johann is converted to Red Skull, and he is on way to escape the place. Captain America and the rest plan to finish off red skull and win the war. How does he accomplish is all about?


Plot development is linear and has one or two twists in the screenplay. But otherwise it looked predictable, and everything went as expected. When steve rogers is young, I expected it to have a batman begins kind of motivational scenes and gripping way to face the fear and get converted into a hero. But rather it was completely science dependent, and lacked the logic. Now the hero has no special powers, but I could observe that he can run faster and hit thugs harder. The shield is the main thing for him. So everything went so predictable. The climax scene should have been better.


Character development in the movie, is quite normal. Steve rogers is a young enthusiastic kid, from Brooklyn who is so eager to join the army. After rejection, I expected him struggling hard to make him place in army. But rather the screenwriters have used science and technology and transformed him, artificially. Peggy Carter (Hayley Atwell) is a female soldier working under Colonel Chester Philips (Tommy Lee Jones). I never heard Chester Philips, being called in the movie and I had to refer internet to find his name in the movie. Peggy is a true soldier who believes in steve rogers and later becomes love interest for Captain America. But her character ended suddenly, and I was slightly disappointed. Johann Schimdt is an evil character and when he transforms to Red skull, the character lost its charm and I expected more from him. Rest others had their characters played normally in the movie.


Performances were quite good. Chris Evans may not become, Christian Bale in terms of acting, but is quite better than Ryan Reynolds, who did the green lantern. He delivers the dialogues with utmost interest and the motivational dialogues are well said by Chris. Hayley did her best and she had a good scope to perform. Tommy Lee Jones did his job as the colonel. Hugo Weaving, did his best to show the villainy nature. But I thought for a while that, why did he change to Red skull? Dominic Cooper as Howard Stark, did his job as well. There is a special cameo, performed by Samuel L. Jackson. He had a small dialogue or so, and his looks were similar to XXX. Stanley Tucci did a nice job as Doctor Abraham who motivates Steve. Rest others were fine in their roles.


Presentation in the movie is quite suitable to the 1940’s period. The cinematography and picturization seemed to suit the scenario of the movie. The CGI work was very good as I can say and the action scenes were well choreographed. Music by Alan Silvestri is quite good and has a patriotic touch in certain scenes. Editing in the movie was needed during the first hour and otherwise everything seemed perfect.


Bottom line: With Iron man, Batman, Spiderman and Superman, Captain America may not become that famous for. But as a movie, it is well written, nicely crafted into a sci-fi movie with good visuals and nicely blended action scenes. I give B+



2 thoughts on “Captain America: The First Avenger 2011”

  1. It is pleasing to see such a clear destination between Good and Evil in a Hollywood film this Century. Usually you have to really pick to see the justification the supposed Hero has when dealing with badness. They often do things that would normally cause them to wind up on America’s most Wanted themselves. I do agreed with the review here, or rather Movie outline. How can you not agree with a blow by blow of the entire Movie? What I liked most myself was that Good fought against the worst of Evil and prevailed. Kids can have an actual HERO again and not some limp wristed panty waist pretending to be a SUPER Masculine figure on the big screen. Great mindless entertainment and reminded me of the Movies during the actual War in the 1940s in many respects, but with the big special effects you can only have in todays films. Evil is despicable and there is no doubt about it. Good is ever present on people’s minds and there is revelry when it triumphs over that evil. Today people are pretty much in to the evil stuff themselves. They like to see carnage and blood letting for no other reason that to see it. No real rhyme of it, just gimme blood and gore. THIS was a BIG MOVIE in every way. The little guy get’s the girl. The little guy get’s the , well, everything! Big explosions. Big effects. Everyone likes when those things happen.. Most people that is. Finally a Male figure who is Heroic and little Boys can look up to without having to set aside his dubious past, philandering ways or larcenous habits. Our Hero is true blue, through and through and in ways you just don’t see coming from California any more. Hooray for Hollywood!

  2. This may be my first comment, but I couldn’t stay without saying something. I just think that is like I have seen a whole complete different movie because what I got from the review was mostly negative in all aspects and at the end the critic points out all the good points throwing away most of what he or she started critisizing on the first place, which made me think that he or she ended up contradicting himself or herself. Finally, about the previous comment I don’t know if you really put attention to the film, but for your information the guy did not get the girl, he stood her up for their date, so Capitan America doesn’t currently have a girl. I just don’t get it. Maybe I just need to read more reviews to understand better!!!!!!!!!

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