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It’s Complicated – but not really that complicated!

The beginning of the movie starts with Jane (Meryl Streep – love you!) and Jake (Alec Baldwin who has gotten funnier with age) who are toasting two of their dearest friends for reaching their 30th anniversary.  After the toast,  you see this really young woman walking towards Jake and Jane turn on this huge fake smile.  We realize this is Jake’s wife (played by Lake Bell) and that Jane and him are well… divorced.

We are then launched into the divorced, seemingly comfortable world of Jane, Jake and their children (you deal with the situation given really).  Their son is graduating from am guessing college, in New York (even though Hunter Parish from ‘Weeds’ fame looks like he’s barely out of elementary school) and while in New York, Jane and Jake strike up an affair.

At the same time, Jane is renovating her kitchen and who should happen to be her architect?  Here we meet Adam (always hilarious Steve Martin – and finally in a real role, not that Pink Panther crap!), also a divorcee who  Jane begins to like, which in turn, makes things Complicated…  get it!

You would think this movie was meant for middle aged people, a chick flick if you will.  However, this movie was… freakin’ hilarious!!  It’s not that often I laugh out loud in the middle of a theatre, especially when by myself.  I couldn’t help myself though!  Even Jane’s soon to be son-in-law (John Krasinski is the greatest scene stealer, especially when he finds out about the affair and tries to hide it from his fiancée).

Nancy Meyers films usually seem to be a little… hokey (for me anyway), however, I was quite surprised with this one.  I will admit, this isn’t an extremely complicated (I did it again) film, and if you walk in thinking great story lines, great character development, great production value – you’ll be mistaken!  If you just want to shut your brain off and have some fun for an hour and 45 minutes, I HIGHLY suggest you take the chance!

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