Categorizing Thr3e is very difficult because I was confused of what type of genre it was trying to depict. The most appropriate category for this movie would probably be Crime Thriller. Thr3e stars Mark Blucas and Justine Waddell and is directed by Robby Henson.

A police profiler named Jennifer Peters wrote a book about a serial killer which makes her the target of a psychopath by the name “The Riddle Killer”. Forced to watch her own brother’s grotesque murder, she now has the chance to work the on a case that involves the killers next victim. That is pretty much the plot behind Thr3e.

The film lacked interesting characters. The only decent acting was done by Justine Waddell and Jeffrey Lee Hollis. I personally thought that the acting done by Mark Blucas was somewhat over-dramatic, though he does have talent. A couple of notable performances that critics failed to mention.

The plot was abundantly cliched. Thr3e produces no new ideas of it’s own and borrows it’s ideas from other Crime Thrillers. Even the “surprise” ending wasn’t much of a surprise considering that it was taken from a film that is much better. Bogarts from other movies to make a story we have seen many times.

Ultimately forgettable movie, widely cliched, and a twist ending that most have already seen. Decent acting done by Justine Waddell and Jeffrey Lee Hollis. But with a plot pieced together using numerous films, it just has everyone annoyed and waiting for the credits to roll.