Halloween (2007)

The movie stars Malcolm McDowell and Sheri Moon Zombie (of course).  It was directed by Rob Zombie, who should have stuck with the Devil’s Rejects and House of 1,000 Corpses type of horror.  This movie was rated R, although I think it should have been rated S for either stupid or slow.

 This movie is a remake of John Carpenter’s 1978 horror thriller, which I thought was a lot better than this one.  In the current movie a young boy, Michael Meyers, murders his sister, her boyfriend and his step-father (or mother’s live in boyfriend, not sure).  Mike does this all at the tender age of 10.  He is sent to a mental institution under the care of a child Psychologist (McDowell) and his Mother (Sheri Moon Zombie).  Fifteen years later he escapes and is back out to finish his murderous spree, and to search for the baby sister he loved and let live. 

This movie was no where near as great as the original movie, and it is really too bad that John Carpenter allowed this remake be made.  While I did enjoy Rob Zombie’s House of 1,000 Corpses and really enjoyed his The Devil’s Rejects, I thought that this movie was a poor substitute and a poor attempt at a horror.  It didn’t even fit into the gore horror genre.  The beginning was too slow, we spend at least half of the movie watching Sheri Moon Zombie yell, curse, and cry over her child.  Most of the movie was spent developing the back story of Michael Meyers, trying to tell us why he becomes a serial killer, a bad abusive home and he likes to kill animals.  This was all wasted time, he’s a serial killer, there is no need to try and explain why or how he becomes that way.

When we finally get to the killing spree it is unimaginitive and slow, although Rob Zombie did try to remake scenes from the original.  The scene where one of the boys wears a sheet to attpemt to scare his girlfriend was right out of the original, but it was poorly remade.  In fact the viewer sees less of the actual acts of violence and more of the blood that comes with the aftermath.  While this movie claims to be a horror film, it didn’t have one scary moment, even when Michael Meyers is searching for the grown up sister by pounding into wall.  As a horror movie junkie I was sorely dissappointed and wished I waited for it to come out on DVD rather than waste my money on it at the theater. 

If you are a horror movie fan, I don’t reccommend this version, watch the original.  If you are a fan of gore horror you might like this, but I suggest you just watch one of the Saw movies or Hostel again.

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  1. I somewhat agree although the character development was the part I liked. I would give it 2/5 because I see some talent in Director Rob Zombie.

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