Paper Heart

While travelling the US interviewing people, couples, children, biker gangs (yes, biker gangs) about love for a documentary, Charlene Yi (playing herself) the cute, little, awkward comedienne begins a relationship with Michael Cera (playing himself, of course) after they meet at a party.  The relationship that grows between the two becomes the central part of the documentary.

While a particular couple narrates the story of how they knew they were in love (or first date), the audience sees a beautifully constructed paper set with paper puppet animations acting out the narrative.

While the relationship between Charlene and Michael is fictional in the film (it was stated that they were actually dating at the time however, once rumors surfaced that they broke up, they both denied they were ever together), the rest of the film is in real time, real people.

Charlene Yi is so cute in this film you just want to grab her by the cheeks and squeeze them!  Although she is by far NOT my favorite comedienne (I like my stand up witty, not silly), she is very lovable here and you are hoping that this journey helps her figure out her own personal feelings on the subject of love. 

Speaking of love, I did love this film (and really I’m very cynical about the whole love thing, can I use that word more during this review?)!   I could not stop smiling the entire time.  The paper scenes were very original and I thought the narratives were smart and charming and the scene with the children was quite funny (and honest!).  There are also interviews on the DVD extras with other comedians which are pretty hilarious.

This is definitely worth a rental however do not touch this film if you are in the middle of a break up or if you just had a bad date (or just plain ‘Bah Humbug’ about love) or you will find yourself in the corner heaving up dinner!  Yes, it’s that sickenly sweet!

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