Movie and Film Reviews (MFR) Comedy My review of the film “Observe and Report”

My review of the film “Observe and Report”

I don’t think I’ll ever like a Seth Rogen movie, but I’ll try. 

I’m about to report what I’ve observed. This movie just like “Pineapple Express” is foul. It’s so crude, and obscene enough to make you turn away in mild disgust. Its certainly not the worst but its bad enough that it leaves a gross after taste in your mouth. However, it is a comedy, and comedies have the habit of really pushing the envelope on what is tasteful, and borderline obscene. 

The main character, a mall cop named Ronnie ( played by Seth Rogen) is a product of his surroundings, and in many ways a victim of that society. He’s confused, angry, and socially out of place because of it. This movie is actually quite emotional in its awkwardness and drowns you in the misery of backwoods
middle America.

It all starts off when reports start piling up, of a man flashing his nudity at patrons of a local mall where Ronnie is head of security. The story unfolds like you’d expect, when things go wrong, things go horribly wrong, and then finally things go back to normal. (The 3 acts of servitude that
Hollywood has come to embrace.)
A big turning point in the movie comes when Ronnie is heart broken and deceived by what was his sole passion in life, “Law Enforcement”. Which goes to show that all that glitters is certainly not gold, and that being naive is a devastating vulnerability; a true life lesson that speaks louder than words.  So what happens when life hands you lemons?Well according to Ronnie, throw’em at people and hold up your middle finger while laughing.  

If shock value is all you’re looking for then this movie belongs in the same category as Jackass, violent, perverse, and always politically incorrect, but that’s what you should expect. Certain audiences love to laugh at life’s failures and F-ups, Seth Rogen and crew are always able to capitalize on that, but it’s a formula that can only seek to improve by topping itself, ending in perpetual failure 

Don’t get me wrong I’m all for physical comedy, and outlandish performances but when you needlessly show full frontal male nudity more than once,.it becomes corrupted. 

Congratulations Ronnie, you caught the pervert. This is a below average comedy that only appeals to a distinct demographic, of mostly males ages 18 -25. I hardly, hardly recommend it, at all

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  1. Yes, Observe and Report to Seth Rogen was like Funny People to Judd Apatow… and also to Seth Rogen, now that I think about it. Recently, Seth Rogen has run out of ideas from that safe of well sculpted movies.

  2. ‘Observe and Report’ wasn’t great – terrible actually! ‘Pineapple’ I thought at least had SOME funny points (if you were high or remember being sooo…) However ‘Funny People’ wasn’t that bad (and actually I thought was one of Judd’s better written movies – maybe depressing yes, but better scripted, that should be more directed at Adam Sandler not Judd or Seth! Dislike Sandler most times) – hopefully Seth redems himself in ‘Green Hornet’…

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