9, a Mr. E Movie Review


9, a Mr. E Movie Review

(Run time: 79 min. – Directed by: Shane Acker – Starring: Elijah Wood, Christopher Plummer, Martin Landau, John C. Reilly)

Shane Acker directs the post apocalyptic, animated world of 9. This star studded cast of talent put forth their combined efforts to bring to life this dark drama.

After the world has destroyed itself the only things left alive are 8 living puppets and a few destroyer machines. Suddenly, a 9th puppet, played by Elijah Wood, awakes mute and to find the world is in shambles.

9 discovers that other puppets exist when he runs into 2, played by Martin Landau. After 2 helps 9 to talk he is attacked and taken by a cat-like destroyer machine to it’s lair.

9 is compelled to rescue 2 from the destroyers clutches. During the process, he finds the rest of the puppets living in various state of survival. As they are forced together for the common good they have to endure their biggest fear the reanimated creator of the smaller destroyer machines.

It’s either the machines or the puppets, only one will survive.

First what’s right with the movie…it was animated very well? Maybe you could say that the actors did great voiceovers. That’s sort of it.

As far as the negative aspects let’s start off with the fact that the storyline is flat. Like a flat line it had no pulse and was kind of dull.

Second it was short. Almost as if they knew they had no story and so they decided to just rush right through it!

Finally, for an animated movie that’s being marketed to kids 9 is sort of scary. Not for the adults or even then teens but for the under “9” crowd. Your sure to have the youngsters ducking for cover during at least a third of this movie!

I can’t necessarily recommend 9 to just everybody looking for great movie going experience because it isn’t really that good. Not the worst, but not really good?

You might want to check the other animated releases that are out first before committing to 9. Especially if you got scare easy youngsters. Sorry 9.

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  1. I mostly agree. 9 is probably supposed to be one of those dark fairy tales, but it feels more like an introduction to a story that never happens. Perhaps it would have been better as a short film.

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