The Notebook (2004)


Ryan Gosling

Rachel McAdams

Sam Shepard

James Garner

Gena Rowlands

The Movie

A classic love story set in the 1940’s.  Years later, an older gentleman (James Garner) reads excerpts from a notebook to his lady companion (Gena Rowlands).  The passages he reads to her daily depict a poignant love story.  We get to witness the tale he’s reading to his female friend. 

A young Allie (Rachel McAdams) embarks on a holiday romance with Noah (Ryan Gosling).  The relationship is doomed from the onset as she comes from a wealthy, disapproving family and he is a simple farm boy.  Their closeness is undisputed and they seal their love with a night of exploring love-making in Noah’s father’s deserted house.  Divided by class, they go on to lead separate lives.  Beautiful and jovial Allie is proposed to whilst Noah becomes somewhat of a loner, making no marital commitments.  Noah’s father, played by Sam Shepard, gives Noah the house where he and Allie consumated their love.  Restoring the house has sentimental value to him and this becomes a project that he tackles with vigor.  When Allie and Noah become re-united seven years later, the passion between them is undeniable. 

Watch your Screen…

… it may set alight!  The on-screen chemistry between Gosling and McAdams is so authentic that it may just give the viewer gooseflesh.  It is this authenticism that creates utter escapism.  If you aren’t in love whilst watching this movie, you’ll fall in love.  A poignant script where one will remember Noah’s words to Allie, “I want all of you, forever, you and me, every day”.  After watching the movie I said to my viewing partner, “I want love like that!” 

Solid performances by the entire cast.


Some captivating scenery –  the backdrops contribute to the beauty of the tale.  Scenes to watch out for are Gosling and McAdams frollicking in the sea with memorable words from Noah to Allie, “if you’re a bird, I’m a bird”.  The scene where Gosling and McAdams are rowing on the lake provides breathtaking scenery. 

Get it on Dvd

Admittedly, I had to watch the movie again to ‘catch’ the story in its entirety as the movie switches from past to present.  However, this was not a mammoth task as I got to see the gorgeous Ryan Gosling all over again!  The dvd is a double disc pack which gives the viewer more insight into the making of the movie such as direction and deleted scenes.  I personally wouldn’t have deleted the scenes shown on dvd as they seem to ‘fill the gaps’.

In my opinion, one of the best, if not the best romance movies I have ever seen!

PG – 13

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