Movie and Film Reviews (MFR) Action Vietnam Veteran doesn’t get a warm welcome in Holidayland.

Vietnam Veteran doesn’t get a warm welcome in Holidayland.

By: Michael Esser


The sign at the city limits reads “Welcome to Hope.”

But there is no hope for you in Hope if you wander into town in your Army jacket, hungry, and just looking for something to eat.

Reports of police brutality and the pressing of false charges to hold anyone police arbitrarily feel is deemed unsavory are not common in this mountain town.

But, it only took one major incident to tarnish this once quiet towns image forever.

When decorated Vietnam Veteran John J. Rambo wondered through he thought nothing of it. His plan was to simply get something to eat and head on to Portland, Oregon.

Unfortunately, the Hope County Sheriffs Department had other plans.

With a strict “no vagrants” policy. Rambo’s mere presence within city limits seemed to warrant the harassment that led to his arrest and subsequent escape.

What followed is being called a “strategic slaughter” through a series of encounters in which the officers chasing Rambo where taken out one-by-one until even the sheriff barely escaped with his life in time to call on the military to assist.

Although even military intercession wasn’t enough to stop this former war hero as Rambo was again able to elude authorities long enough to unleash his final revenge on the system that wronged him.

John Rambo survived his “Hope County” ordeal and was ultimately taken into custody after surrendering to his longtime mentor who was on scene to assist in Rambo’s safe apprehension.

Check out the whole story in Sylvester Stallone’s classic action film “Rambo First Blood.” on DVD.

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  1. That’s funny – I see that hope sign everytime I drive to Vancouver as I have to drive right through Hope, where First Blood was filmed…

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