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Halloween (Rob Zombie’s “remake”)

When I heard Rob Zombie was remaking Halloween, I wanted to give it a chance seeing as how I do love his style. Really though, why? I thought why remake such a great movie? Sometimes it seems directors feel the need to remake great films not really for the public, but to have a once in a lifetime chance to stand in the same shoes as that director. To see what they saw. I was disappointed. Besides the same actors he uses in all of his movies, and the cusing, you wouldn’t have been able to tell it was directed by Rob Zombie. Isn’t that a waste? I went home wanting to watch the original just to feel better about it.

3 thoughts on “Halloween (Rob Zombie’s “remake”)”

  1. I do not agree. I thought the original Halloween was very boring. In fact, I ended up turning it off half way into the movie.
    I do not like the fact that every one keeps calling this a “remake”. That was not Rob Zombie’s intention at all. In case you didn’t notice, the story was told differently. There were more characters that died, more action, explainations for things, better acting…I mean the list just goes on and on. In the original, Michael Myers was a psychopath, but you didn’t know why. He broke out of the mental hospital and knew how to drive, even though he had NEVER done so in his life. In Rob Zombie’s version, he explains what makes Michael tick. Michael doesn’t drive a car either.
    I am a HUGE horror movie buff. I have seen every Halloween, Jason, Freddy,Hell Raiser, Child’s Play and all of the other great horror movies that have been made. I do not easily scare and it is hard to hold my attention. This movie had not problem keeping my attention. Unfortunetly, I was not scared. Like I said, I dont scare easily!
    I think Rob Zombie did a very good job with depicting his version of Halloween. I was entertained the whole time and would definately recommend it to others.

  2. I agree with Anisa, this Halloween “remake” was a waste of time. It was a remake, and to say it wasn’t is like saying “The Ring” wasn’t a remake. Regardless of how much they changed, it doesn’t hide the fact that it was a retelling of a story already told, 7 times. Sure, they go more into what makes Myers kill everyone, but it is laughable. The reason the original worked so well was because of the mysterious shroud around Myers, not exactly knowing why he kills is far scarier than some half-hearted story of bullies and an abusive father. Just because you can spout off on all the slasher movies you have seen(the ones everyone has seen) doesn’t mean you are an expert. Truth is, Halloween 2008 was cool, and pretty entertaining, but hardly worth it. House of 1000 Corpses and Devil’s Rejects are the Rob Zombie movies worth watching. And if you want to see some original slasher movies, try watching Maniac or Black Christmas(original).

  3. First off, I never said I was an expert. Second off, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Third, if you were ever serious about being a movie critic, you should remain professional and refrain from making personal attacks. Just because someone has a different opinion, doesn’t mean you can verbally bash them.
    I dont like the original Halloween, you do. That’s fine. I have no problem with that. You like the other Rob Zombie movies, I thought they were a joke. Bad acting, horrible picture quality and the story line lacked. That’s MY opinion!
    Every person has a different out look on a movie. That’s what makes movies so great! But a critique should not be a debate. It is mearly a person’s perception of that particular performance.

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