Don’t do it, I beg of you!  Rent this film at your own risk!  File it under ‘Extreme Weirdness’!   I want to say how disappointed I am however am not sure I even have the words to really express my disdain.

Two FBI agents (Bill Pullman who I’ve never really thought was a great actor in anything other than Spaceballs and Serpent & The Rainbow and Julia Ormond, which is why I’m disappointed most of all because she is one of those actresses you just assume that any film she chooses will be brilliant) arrive at a small town police station following a brutal murder involving various people and a cop.  Most of the film is told in flashback through the stories told during the interrogation of three witnesses; A crazy cop who witnessed the murder of his crazy partner (French Stewart who I have enjoyed in comedies however I guess some bill collectors have come knock, knock, knocking at his door, the only explination I have of why he is in this!), an addicted druggie (relative newcomer, Pell James who amazingly pulled off a great performance and was really the only redeeming part of the film) who’s boyfriend is slaughtered and a young girl who’s entire family is also involved in this… mess of a film!  Cheri Oteri tries to do a dramatic role as the girl’s mother and Hugh Dillion of Durham County, Flashpoint and who can forget Hard Core Logo fame completely underused as the girl’s father.

Maybe I just don’t understand these types of films.  They are not quite film noir and not quite a horror…  It’s slightly just a mish mash!  I guess I shouldn’t have thought too much of a film whose director, Jennifer Lynch (am sure you know who her father is) has not directed a film in almost 15 years since Boxing Helena.

 Note to self when roaming the aisles of the video store – look at who the director is before picking up a film based on cover and actors!  I barely made it out with my life!

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