This film is set in the 1900’s in England, starting in a small town, with two sisters Keira Knightly and Scarlett Johannsen. Two sisters who adore one another and would never dare to withold a secret from eachother become entangeld in a deep infactuation for the mistress seeking king of England   (Eric Bana).

Anne (Keira) has been chose by her father to entertain the King, who has not spoken to his wife in months. Anne’s beauty and witt quickly distracts the King. As quickly as she gains his attention Anna loses the Kings inquiries to her sister Mary, the softer more humble and very married sister of Anne. Passion and intesity grow between the King and Mary, as does the jealosy boiling in the loins of Anne, being replaced by her younger sister. Anne left with the desireto be desired by the king ,will do anything to be at the Kings side.

The ownership each and every actor took for each roll gives the viewer the chance to live next to the reality that is being set by the drama. In one scene Anne speaks to her brother in desperation to committ incest with her in hopes the King will remain content if she is with child, Annes brother loses control of  his committment to see Anne succeed in such a task and falls into his sisters arms in disgust and despair.

The Direcctors decision to make the King of England’s hunger for passion and lust follows ,you thoughout the entire film. Anne strings the mighty King along and he finds himself  taking what he wants from Anne with anger and impatience in his eyes. Anne’s decison to make the King wait causes her to see a different side of the King and not the side that Mary spoke of. Anne becomes confused, she dosent see the soft, deep passion that Mary fell in love with.

Awe struck by the plot and amazed at the actors committment, I strongly reccommend this film. I have seen many Dramas however the compilation of actors chosen for this film was flawless! If you are not one that watches films that  take place in that “Royalty era” i suggest you to broaden you horizons today.