DVD Cover, Genius EntertainmentAt one time, Michael Keaton was one of Hollywood’s brightest stars with hits such as Mr. Mom (1983) and Beetle Juice (1988) to his credit. Before Christian Bale, Keaton was the first big-screen Batman with movies in 1989 and 1992. In recent years, Michael has done voice-over work (Cars, 2006) and smaller-scale projects like his newest film The Merry Gentleman.

Before a limited release in May 2009, The Merry Gentleman made the rounds at various film festivals across the country beginning at Sundance in January 2008. In November, this enjoyable film became available on DVD.

The Merry Gentleman tells the story of Jack Logan (Keaton) and Kate Frazier, wonderfully played by Kelly Macdonald (No Country for Old Men). Jack is a burned out hitman who has lost the passion for his chosen profession and for life until he meets Kate. New to the city, Kate is trying to start her life over after escaping from an abusive relationship. The two begin to form a close bond until the truth about Jack’s line of work is revealed.

In his debut as a director, Keaton is very successful in creating a gripping story that pulls in the viewer. His acting is not bad too! Kelly Macdonald’s endearing performance  will leave you wanting to see more of her. I could listen to her Scottish accent all day!

With excellent work in front of and behind the camera, The Merry Gentleman is definitely worth the price of a rental.

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