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Disney’s A Christmas Carol

A movie more interested in making the ghosts truly frightening than fleshing out the characters, the newest adaptation of Charles Dickens’ classic tale fells more like a Disney ride than an actual movie.  Muppet’s Christmas Carol was more compelling than this but it has some good things.  Jim Carrey is actually quite good as Scrooge and the three ghosts, giving a restrained performance in an animated role.  Gary Oldman also shines in three different roles; one of the most bizarre is Tiny Tim though you wouldn’t be able to tell that watching the movie.  The best thing I can say about this movie is that it did evoke the Christmas spirit in me and there were parts that moved me or made me feel joyous.  Now for the bad things.  The animation is an improvement over Polar Express and Beowulf and the scenery is breath taking but the characters are not completely convincing.  The animation is at it’s best when the characters have a cartoonish quality to them like Scrooge and Bob but the characters are intended to be more life-like, like Scrooge’s nephew, they have a stiff and slightly cross-eyed quality to them.  The movie just skims through the story and robs it of the emotional power especially Scrooge’s past.  The love interest in Scrooge’s life suffers drastically with only two scenes of interaction.  The movie is a bit oversylized especially an unnecessary action sequence during the Christmas future segment that drags down the pace of the movie.  The hyper-kinetic camera work doesn’t gel with the literal translation of the novel so it begins to contradict itself in it’s overall vision.  The 3D elements are very forced and not that impressive or necessary.  Seeing it in 2D wouldn’t be a crime against the film.  I would say it’s great for kids but because it’s so faithful to the book it might at times confuse them with the Victorian English and frighten the youngest children with it’s ghoulish tones.  There’s a scene when the ghost of Jakob Marley has his jaw snap off and there’s no way that most kids won’t get nightmares from that.  This movie doesn’t seem to appeal to a specific audience but it was never boring, just messy and contradictory.  See it with family if you must.  If you have no family, maybe rent it.

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