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Gift Idea: Top 12 DVD classic’s to buy for any guy!

Gift Idea: Top 12 DVD classic’s to buy for any guy!

By: Michael “Mr. E” Esser

Star Wars Series. Choose from either the first classic series or the new additions because there is just something about Star Wars that makes a guy feel like a kid again! If the guy your buying for love’s this you might want to check out the Mel Brook’s comedy Spaceballs that spoof’s Star War’s in a perfectly hilarious way.

Back to the Future Series. It doesn’t matter how many times you watch these movies they’re great. Michael J. Fox in his most popular role ever! What guy wouldn’t want to own a time traveling sports car? If your guy wants to further his Fox fix let him wolf out and pick up a copy of MJ’s Teen Wolf.

Fast & Furious Series. If the guy your buying for has got a hard spot for cars and racing this series will definitely make a great addition to their DVD collections. For additional picks like this try to find Tom Cruises Days of Thunder or Jason Statham’s Death Race.

Sopranos Series. With several season to choose from It’s recommended you start right from the beginning with Season One and Two. If the guy your buying for is a funny guy pick him up a copy of Billy Crystal’s Analyze This if he’s the serious type check out the next pick on the list…

Goodfellas. By far one of the best mobster movies based on true events ever made. If your guy doesn’t have this movie, or the next movie on the list, in his DVD collection it’s someone’s duty around him to resolve that issue. That someone might have to be you! Other movies on this level would be Johnny Depp’s’ Donnie Brasco or a movie based on the Teflon Don Gotti.

Scarface. Al Pacino’s classic portrayal of a real street gangster. This movie is actually a status symbol in any real mans DVD collections. I’m serious. If you want to get your guy caught up on his “Pacino” gangster grab him a copy of Carlito Way while your out.

Full Metal Jacket. War can be hell and those that served in it have their demons. Full Metal Jacket taught us all of that as it takes us from boot camp to the field. With memorable characters that range from the tough as nails drill sergeant all the way to the “Me so horny” girl! This movie will be watched again and again and the only thing that might get it out of the DVD player would have to be something like Deer Hunter, Apocalypse Now, or Saving Private Ryan.

Braveheart. Mel Gibson has tried to make another classic as great as “Braveheart.” He’s come close but they are not the sweeping tale that never gets old. Pick this up for your favorite guy and then sit down and watch to what extremes a man will go for his love. It’s perfect. For more check out Gerard Butler’s “300” or the next film on the list…

Gladiator. It took Russell Crowe to bring a new generation back to Rome. It’ll only take you to bring it home. This compelling journey of a general who became a slave and a slave that became more powerful than the emperor himself. Once again Gerard Butler’s 300 , his Beowulf & Grendel , and maybe his Attila mini-series would match up perfectly with this new classic pick.

Tombstone. Kurt Russell and Val Kilmer are joined by an all-star cast that kicks this version of the Wyatt Earp and Doc Holiday tale through the roof! Cool and tough this pick is a can’t miss! If your looking for more DVD’s on this level check out the next pick…

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly. All that can be said can be summed into 2 words “Clint Eastwood” and if you want to really kick some western butt try to find your guy a copy of A Fist Full of Dollars, Pale Rider, and Unforgiven.

Coming to America. Eddie Murphy has done nothing but family flicks as of lately. But, back in the day he had a comedy genius that played out in “Coming to America” that’s still relevant even 20 years later! Check out The Beverly Hills Cop, Raw, and Delirious if you want to give your guy some of comedy history’s best.

Source: The Las Vegas Movie Examiner: Michael “Mr. E” Esser

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