No Reservations

This movie is rated PG and stars Catherine Zeta-Jones and Aaron Eckhart. 

This movie is about a woman who is the head chef at a fancy restaurant.  Her sister dies leaving her daughter to Kate (Catherine’s character).  As all this goes on a new sous chef is hired because the old one is having a baby.  The new sous chef is not what Kate was looking for and was chosen without her approval, which leads to some harsh moments between all involved.

 I thought that this was a sweet movie, as far as a romance goes.  It was based on a book and an original movie named Mostly Martha, which according to other reviewers was better than this version.  The child actress is very good as a child, her acting is heartwarming.  Some of the acting done by her, Catherine and Aaron is a little over the top, and unbelievable. 

I think as a romance this movie is okay.  It has the kissing and the girl getting the guy, but the story is somewhat boring, and in the end you are wondering why you watched the movie.  There is a lot of information given in the movie, like Kate’s mother died when she and her sister was young and yet she doesn’t have to go into it during therapy.  The writer and director cut all of the interesting information off leaving us with crumbs that are not tasty at all.

I felt this movie was too dull.  It had it’s good parts but they were so few and in between that they didn’t make up for the dullness of this film.  It interested in watching it I hope you are only watching it for the attractiveness of Catherine Zeta-Jones, and not the horrible story.

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