Demons (1985)

Director: Lamberto Bava

Cast: Urbano Barberini (George); Natasha Hovey (Cheryl); Karl Zinny (Ken); Fiore Argento (Hannah); Paola Cozzo (Kathy); Fabiola Toledo (Carmen); Nicoletta Elmi (Ingrid, the usherette); Stelio Candelli (Frank); Nicole Tessier (Ruth); Geretta Geretta a.k.a. Geretta Giancarlo (Rosemary);Bobby Rhodes (Tony);Guido Baldi (Tommy); Bettina Ciampolini (Nina); Giuseppe Mauro Cruciano (Hot Dog); and Sally Day (Carla)

Plot: In the movie “Demons”, unsuspecting customers have been invited to a private screening of a horror movie at a newly renovated theater. Little do they realize that the movie itself holds the power to call demonic forces into the world as the patrons watch the film. Trapped in the theater, the survivors fight for their lives, as those around them turn into demonic creatures hungry for their flesh and souls.

Breakdown: The movie begins as Cheryl rides the West Berlin subway and is approached by a strange man wearing a metallic mask. He hands her two tickets to screen a movie at a old mysterious theater. She decides to invite her friend Kathy to join her. When they arrive, Cheryl and Kathy find out that several people have been approached by the man in the mask and given tickets for the mysterious movie. The movie of the evening is an old horror film and the theater has been decorated in the style of the movie. The main display is a demon mask that is shown in the film. As one of the patrons checks the mask out, she cuts herself as she puts it on her face. Inside the theater, the horror movie disgusts the guests as it focuses on demonic possession, graphic murder and gore.  Meanwhile, a young woman with the cut from the display mask begins to undergo a hideous metamorphosis into a hungry demon. She attacks her companions contaminating them and panic consumes the cinema. Everyone rushes to the exits only to find that they have disappeared. Everyone who is contaminated by the demons changes into new demons. Escaping the orgy of bloodshed and madness seems impossible and the idea of stopping the film doesn’t work to end the terror. Will the night ever end or will the evil escape into the West Berlin’s streets to infect the living?

Performances: Co-writers Dario Argento and Lamberto Bava made this horror film a huge European hit upon its release in 1985. The movie is stylish in its own way with lots of gore as well as humor. It is a reminiscent piece in regards to the likes of George A. Romero and his work yet the characters in Demons do such a great job in entertaining the audience in the horror movie.

Overall: I remember watching this movie as a kid and loving the scary parts in a dark room all alone. If you love a good cheesy gory horror film, then this movie is a must! The special effects are really good for being done in the 1980s and the plot line is unique. This movie is a cult classic in horror and well worth the price of renting. For a good laugh rent Demons 2 as well. Definitely a movie worth watching for any horror fans.

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