Shaun of the Dead

Shaun of the Dead.

Shaun of the dead is a romantic comedy with zombies it was made in 2004. The film stars Simon Pegg (Spaced, Run fat boy run) , Nick frost (Spaced,Danger 50,000 volts ) and Dylan Moran (black books), It was directed by Edgar Wright (Spaced, Asylum).

The film centers around Shaun  who is a sales person his life is the same routine everyday, his girlfriend liz is not happy with where things are going as he makes no effort with her, he also gets mocked by people who he works with who are all alot younger than him. Failing to make plans for him and his girlfriends anniversary she dumps him. After a night of heavy drinking he plans to sort his life out, but unfortunatly for him the dead have risen all around london. At first him and his friends are oblivious but it soons hits him he has to save his parents and his girlfriend but in which order and where will they be safe ?

The lead actors Pegg and Frost are brilliant there humor is as if your actually watching two friends banter with each other, this makes for a few very funny and memorable moments which you will be quoting for ages with your friends. One of the best bits of the entire film is where they decided to chuck old vinyls at two zombies in there garden, they go through the collection as if nothing is happening.

The costumes in the film are also a very good aspect all the zombies look very realistic and they are to that standard that george a romero has set with slow walking moaning zombies. There is also a moment where Dylan Morans character gets tore apart and the effects are very well done which make for a very realistic performance.

Overall this is a very funny film, it is a parody of most common zombie films but its done tastefully and generally pays homage to zombie films from the 70’s and 80’s. You will watch this film over and over again it never looses its touch.

For fans of dawn of the dead, land of the dead, 28 days later

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