The Bourne Ultimatum, the latest in the Bourne franchise starring Matt Damon is a non stop chase against time and corruption, where Jason Bourne is still on his quest to find his true identity. After three years of running from the CIA, the same group that he volunteered for, but defected, and numerous deaths to his accord, Jason is given the information that will help him find his way, and his memory. With the information at his fingertips, Jason is able to track down where he first gave up his rights to his identity, and became a cold killer for the secret CIA agency. After searching for years for his lost memory, and sharing his epiphany with the very operative that was sent to kill him, Jason’s would be killer showed compassion and sparred Bourne’s life. Then only moments later is Bourne gunned down by the head of the agency, and sent cascading off the Manhattan building to the frigid waters below. But that’s not where the story dies. A gripping film filled with action, suspense, and plenty of car crashes. A definite see for all Bourne fans.