Director: David Slade

 Starring Ellen Page( An American Crime, Juno) & Jeff Kohlver (Lakeview Terrance)

This movie surrounds a twisted story on a 14 year old girl who is mature for her age and a 32 year old man who is lonely and looks for happiness in the wrong places.

 In the beginning of the movie you see an instant message conversation between Haley and Jeff the two main characters. Haley is continously flirting with Jeff and even suggest that they meet up. I’m thinking what a dangerous move for a 14 tear old to do but Haley is smart and she knows what she is doing.

 Jeff is a photographer who takes pictures of young models they are a bit under the age. Haley invites herself over to his house and thats where the story takes a turn i wont give away the whole movie but i reccomend it  i really do this is a must see movie it might be a little boring at 1st but its worth the watch.