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Observe & Report is a comedy directed by Jody Hill starring Seth Rogen and Anna Faris. The film is set in a mall in which Ronnie(Rogen) works as the Head of Mall Security and Brandi(Faris) works at the mall make-up counter.

When an unknown man starts flashing shoppers in the parking lot of the mall Ronnie makes it his mission to apprehend the individual. He is assisted by Charles, Dennis and the Yuen twins. Ronnie really becomes irate when the flashers next victim is his love interest Brandi and his boss brings in a detective (Ray Liotta) to bring the flasher to justice. Ronnie then gets the documents to become a police officer which he finds out is a lost cause when he can’t pass the psychological exam. Ronnie gets arrested after an altercation with Brandi in the mall and after a nice little fight with a few police officers before he is apprehended. Is Ronnie able to get out of all of the predicaments and catch the flasher? Well, you’ll just have to watch and find out.

I was very disappointed in the acting in this film. Seth Rogen, an actor who I usually love, just wasn’t likeable in this film and that’s what I love about all of his other roles. He’s usually the guy who no matter what you always seem to like him no matter what he does. But in this film, you just can’t like him no matter what he does. I know a lot of that is the role and that was the purpose of the role. But that’s just not what Seth Rogen is good at and in my opinion it’s not what he should do. Stick to the likeable roles Seth. I’ve never been a big fan of Anna Faris so I won’t really comment on her to much, basically she was bad like she always is. She’s not funny and she’s actually just straight up annoying. But that’s the opinion I have of her in all her roles. So just ignore my bias. As far as a standout performance, which it doesn’t take much in this film, Ray Liotta would probably fit the criteria. I’ve always been a fan of Ray Liotta and I think he’s one of the best actors in the business and he shows that even more in this film. But as a whole the acting in the film was downright horrible.

This film has been heavily compared to Paul Blart: Mall Cop being called a more adult version of that film. The film is definitely more adult than Paul Blart, but is that always good? In my opinion no, the plot of the film was horrible and not very well thought out. The whole movie was about them trying to catch a flasher. That alone should tell you how crude the film is going to be. The language I felt was way over done. I just don’t see where the people that wrote this script really put a lot of thought into it and I hope they didn’t think it was going to be overly great.

Overall, I was just very annoyed by this film and I wanted to turn it off, which never happens. A film must be pretty bad for me to turn it off. I was hoping the film would be good and I really wanted to like it but the film was just lacking in so many ways. All of the funny parts of the films you saw in the trailer with a couple exceptions. A lot of people say that it’s a dark comedy and you have to like those types of films to enjoy this one. Well, I am one of the biggest dark comedy fans you will find and I did not like this film. Yeah the film was a lot darker than your typical comedy but it was completely different from any other dark comedy I’ve seen. It was overly crude, had overly used bad language, and had a horrible plot. If you want to see a good dark comedy pick up Fargo, Burn After Reading, Full Metal Jacket, Eulogy, or Thank You For Smoking. Those are very good dark comedies that will not disappoint you. But I’d pass on this film, it was a waste of an hour and a half.

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