District 9

Once surviving the slow start, unique and thought provoking is what comes to mind when describing Neill Blomkamp’s District 9. He hasn’t been around long enough as a director to develop a style, but shows his realistic view of what it would be like if that age old question of, are we alone in the stars was actually answered. In a way never really explored District 9 is a film that will have you thinking about how you treat things that are different, and how we as a society that prides itself on being open-minded would react if our morals were truly put to the test. This film will leave you asking more questions than answered throughout, but those answers can only be found within yourself.

 This film is based in South Africa, in a small ghetto named District 9, where humans choose to place the incoming beings. It is in this area where humans and our new neighbors called “Prawns” live together for 20 years merging together. We start to take on some of there behaviors and they ours, as the two species live together surviving at its true meaning. We fallow the story of Wikus van der Merwe (Sharlto Copley) and his journey that leads him to merge a little to close for comfort. He then must rely on his fellow prawns to survive from his friends and family that turn on him for personal benefit.

 This review is best kept short much like the trailer that leaves us not really knowing what this movie was about. District 9 runs 112 minutes with a bit of a slow start which may make it feel longer than it is. A little known director, and a little known cast, in a little known low budget movie will force you to look within and ask yourself questions that you may not be comfortable knowing your true answer. District 9 is well worth the price of admission, especially if your tired of the same old remakes, and dragged out sequels, this unique Sci-Fi Drama is a breath of fresh air, but you might not like your scent.

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