To begin, I waited over 2 months for this movie to finally come to Bartlett 10 which is the reduced priced admission theatre here in Memphis, TN. When it did, you can bet I was there to see it. I grew up watching, enjoying and loving the Evil Dead trilogy that Sam Raimi created and directed back in the ’80s. They were scary as can be yet had a black comedy twist. The films soon became a cult classic in the horror genre. With Drag Me to Hell, Raimi has rewrote the style of horror by bringing back his twisted sense of terror with a sick style of comedy. I believe he has never lost his ability to create such a perfect union of horror and comedy since Evil Dead and his directing of the Spiderman Franchise. The movie starts off as the main character Christine Brown is trying hard to win her boss’s approval for her to become the bank’s next new assistant manager. She is in direct competition with the new hire for a loan officer Stu Rubin. Her next case turns out to be Mrs. Ganushan, old gyspy who desperately needs an extension on her mortage which is overdue. Christine decides that the woman cannot possibly have another extension when the bank has already granted Mrs. Ganushan two extensions in the past.When Mrs. Ganushan tries to beg Christine for the extension, she frightens the poor young woman into calling for the security which prompts the old woman to tell Christine that she shamed her in front of others with such little remorse. Mrs. Ganushan waits for Christine to arrive later that day at her car to curse the young woman for the ill-will she had shown her (Mrs. Ganushan) in the bank. Which starts the movie off into a downhill battle for Christine to find a way to end the curse that has been placed on her to be “dragged to Hell”.What I enjoyed most about this movie is how Sam Raimi brought back alot of the same humor that he showed in Evil Dead but with a new twist so that it wasn’t so typical for Sam Raimi either. I remember that  in his good ‘ol days directing the Evil Dead series, Raimi didn’t have the ability of SGI to create his scary scenes. He used a team of masters in makeup and creature effects to create the illusions we know so well as demons dancing across graves and trapped below in the cellar. Now after his success with Spiderman, Sam Raimi used the effects to his benefit to make “Drag Me to Hell” the next cult classic.So head out and see this movie if you haven’t yet…I give it a A++ rating and two major thumbs up!–Horror Movie Professor