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Not Life on Mars, more like life on “Moon”

“Moon” is a concept created by David Bowie’s son Duncan Jones and stars the great actor Sam Rockwell. With so many sci-fi films focusing on aliens and thrilling space adventures, Jones steps away from the excitement and brings forward a mellow space mystery.

The beginning of this films might seem like the start of the well known film “2001: A Space Odyssey” but you soon realize that this films has a much different theme.

Sam Bell (Sam Rockwell) lives alone on the moon mining a precious gas used on earth as a clean fuel source. Living in a closed environmentally controlled building Sam is assisted by a mobile computer named GERTY who follows and communicates with Sam like a needy dog.  For 3 years Sam has been an obedient employee and his time at the moon station is coming to a close. A few more weeks and he will reunite with his wife and baby that he was only able to contact by sending and receiving recorded messages because the communication satellite broke down. The isolation has become overwhelming and hallucinations begin to haunt him. Sam gets distracted by the failure of a mechanical harvester which in turn makes him leave his humble abode to investigate the source of the failure.  During the trip Sam gets distracted and has an accident that renders him unconscious. He wakes up back at the moon station infirmary but you soon start to realize that Sam is different, and GERTY is being difficult. After discovering that a rescue team is coming to clean up the mess of the accident Sam decides take a look himself when he encounters something that makes him second think his sanity. He soon realizes the sinister reason behind this discovery and realizes he must come forth with a solution that may cost him his life.

“Moon” is not at all an action flick but more of a well put space mystery and although the film is slow and steady the audience is captured by the mystery of Sam’s discovery. Once the movie started unfolding, and I uncovered what was going on, I realized this actually makes sense and that something like this might be possible. Visually it seems real and not like the typical clean and shinny futuristic films we have all seen. It is simple, dirty, and pure without the glitter of gadgets to distract you. If you give this film a chance I am sure you will appreciate it.

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