In 1942, America was at war with Hitler and the Nazis. The American Army was recruiting every brave and physically fit man as a soldier. Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) has tried numerous times to sign up and serve his country but he gets rejected every time. Steve is ninety pounds, barely over five feet tall and has asthma. Even though he is small and weak, he never backs down when approached by bullies. Dr. Abraham Erskine (Stanley Tucci) and Howard Stark (Dominic Cooper)-of the multi-million dollar weapons company-have been working on an experiment that will make the average man stronger, faster and nearly indestructible. The hardest part is finding the right man. Dr. Erskine runs into Steve after trying to sign up the Army for the sixth time. He is accepted and now must convince Colonel Chester Phillips (Tommy Lee Jones). -(*Note*this scene is in one of the trailers)-Colonel Phillips throws out a dummy grenade to the recruits doing physical training. All of them scatter, except Steve who jumps on top of it shielding it from others. The colonel is convinced. Everything is prepped including Steve’s approval. The experiment begins and ends with Steve growing several feet in height and muscles. He is faster and stronger and more confident that he can protect his fellow man. On the other side of the rainbow is villain Johann Schmidt/Red Skull (Hugo Weaving). The same experiment was performed on him but it left many bad side effects including a red face and no nose. Red Skull is planning a wave of mass destruction using a mythological energy source. Will Steve better known as Captain America stop Red Skull? Will the experiment wear off and Captain America returns to small and weak Steve? Is Captain America the weapon America needs to end Hitler’s regime? How does he get connected to the Avengers seventy years later? 



            I’ve never been a Captain America fan growing up because it just never presented itself to me as appealing. I imagined that since he doesn’t have x-ray vision or spider senses or cool gadgets like a pen that is a grenade, then the character is boring and not important. After watching this film, I am happy to say that I’m now a Captain America fan. Not only is he awesome in battle with lethal combat moves, jumping fifty feet into the air and running as fast as a racing car, but the film showed him as a genuinely good person. Even before he is transformed into the muscle machine, he was brave and willing to do what it takes to protect the innocent and stand up to bullies. Red Skull plays a good villain, killing those he pleases without blinking an eye. His massive plan is so diabolical and evil, I liked it. It was so comic book. Even though, I never read the book, I can just tell that this film did the books justice. I love the 1940s theme but incorporating futuristic environments and weaponry thanks to Howard Stark. Usually, I would complain about things like this but it was done so brilliantly that I don’t have anything negative to add. Captain America has earned his place next to the greats like Spiderman and Batman and Superman and many others. All in all, I will watch this film again and look forward to the Avengers.