Insidious (2010)

“Insidious” was directed by James Wan who previously did 2004’s “Saw” & 2007’s “Dead Silence”. The film stars Patrick Wilson, Rose Bryne, Lin Shayae, Barbara Hershey and Ty Simpkins. This is the first film in the “Insidious” franchise. Leigh Whannell wrote the film and also worked with Wan and his other films as well as the “Saw” sequels.

After a couple moves into their new home, Josh and Renai Lambert (Wilson & Bryne) are stunned beyond belief when their son, Dalton (Simpkins), falls into a mysterious coma. 3 long months go by and nothing is explained about Dalton’s condition.
Renai’s hope is shaken for Dalton as he is on bed rest and supernatural occurrences begin happening around the house. From unexplained knocking to voices heard over the baby monitor, Renai is horrified when one night a man is seen in the baby’s room. Not fully understanding what is going on, Josh and Renai move to another house, however the supernatural seems to have followed them. With no where else to turn, Josh’s mother, Lorraine (Hershey), lets them know that there might be someone who can help. Lorraine calls Elise (Shayae), a specialist in the supernatural and a psychic. Elise informs them that Dalton isn’t in a coma, his astrophysical form has left his body and is lost in return. The supernatural spirits are caused by the malevolent entities trying to possess his body. In order to save Dalton, Josh must face his fears and fears of his past before these dark entities possess both Dalton’s and Josh’s bodies and cause harm to the real world.

This was a damn good horror film. Not since 2008’s “The Strangers” had a horror film got to me. James Wan had begun his ascension to the top of horror film director with this film. “Saw” was pretty good but rather than a violent and gory film, this felt more like a supernatural psychological thriller. Patrick Wilson and Rose Bryne were excellent as the leads. The score alone is legit terrifying with those violins giving the film an eerie quality. Lin Shayae is also great in the movie. Her performance gives the film a better push as far as balance from the desperate family to her heroine that has been through a lot.

After this film, Wan returned along the cast for the 2013 sequel, “Insidious: Chapter 2”. In 2015, “Insidious: Chapter 3” was written and directed Leigh Whannell and starred Lin Shayae but that film served as a prequel to the previous 2 films. 2018 saw the release of “Insidious: The Last Key” which was another prequel but a sequel to Chapter 3. James Wan went on to direct another horror masterpiece in 2013’s “The Conjuring” which starred Patrick Wilson and its 2016 sequel. Wan also directed 2018’s “Aquaman” which also featured Patrick Wilson. Wan has stuck around with the “Insidious” and “Conjuring” franchises from writer and director to producer.


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