Was It Necessary?

“Angel Has Fallen” is Ric Roman Waugh who previously directed 2013’s “Snitch”. The film is the 3rd installment in the Fallen Franchise and stars Gerard Butler, Morgan Freeman, Jada Pinkett Smith, Danny Hudson, Tim Blake Nelson, Piper Perabo & Nick Nolte. Butler & Freeman were the only cast members to return from the previous 2 films, 2013’s “Olympus Has Fallen” & 2016’s “London Has Fallen”.

Secret Service Agent, Mike Banning (Butler) has given his life to protect the president from the previous 2 films to the new president and former Speaker of the House, Allan Trumbull (Freeman). However after years of service, the wear and tear begin to catch up with Banning who is now suffering from migraines, insomnia & chronic pain. Trumbull offers him a new position of Secret Service Director, but before Banning makes his decision, their meeting is interrupted by an attack by militarized drones. The secret service is completely wiped out leaving only Banning and Trumbull hospitalized. When Banning comes to, he is shocked to find out that an FBI agent (Smith) has named him as the primary suspect. Now, Banning must do all he can to clear his name including enlisting the help of his estranged father (Nolte), while uncovering a mysterious plot to kill the president from within his own government.

This was a typical action movie that followed 2 very successful films. While Butler & Freeman do give top notch performances, it’s the predictable storyline that derails the film as a whole. This movie had certain earmarks from other similar films such as “Taken 3”, “Judge Dredd” & “The Fugitive” where our main character is framed and must go against those he has trusted to uncover the truth. “The Negotiator”, “Eraser” and even “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” all had the same storyline. Even though “Olympus” was cliched it was still a damn fine action movie. “London” was bit more sharper and darker at times but wasn’t better. Now, Angel is a final chapter that comes off as predictable action movie.

Overall, this was nothing more that entertaining yet predictable action movie. I’ve seen this storyline done better and worse. Angel is above average due to the fact of a strong performance from Butler & Freeman. Other than that just another standard run of the mill action movie that is watchable in a marathon sense or spotting it randomly on television.

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