Thor is the Marvel gift that just keeps giving.

The latest installement: Thor: Ragnarok PG-13 2017 ? Fantasy/Science fiction film 2h 10m, does not disappoint. After the untimely death of Odin and the return of Thor’s sister, Hela, the Goddess of Death, Thor is imprisoned on the other side of the universe. He and his brother Loki must find a way back to Asgard. In a gladiatorial contest that pits him against his former ally and fellow Avenger the Hulk, Thor enlists the help of a fallen Valkyrie and his old green-skinned  team-mate to get back home, defeat Hela and restore balance but at what price?


Cool Thor: Ragnarok notes:

This is a great two hour Thor adventure full of laughs (especially from the Rock Monster and the Hulk), severe action like Thor losing his eye and many questions… but lets dig into some cool stuff!

Will Thor get another hammer? Hela destroys Thor’s hammer with a mere squeeze in her hand. Even in the end, there is no mention of another hammer.

Thor and Jane Foster are supposedly broken up but they never allude to why, when or if he still loves her?

Why does Doctor Strange take off so quickly?

When Asgard is blown to bits a the end of the movie we are left wonder where will the Asgardians go? Will it be earth?

It was nice to know this is where the Hulk ended up after his disappearance in the ship during the last Avengers. The Hulk has decided to stay the green and not let Bruce Banner out for about 2 years. Instead he has become the champion gladiator on this miserable planet that eats strangers. The Hulk was my favorite character in this movie delivering his lines like a child that wants to play with the other children. “Hulk smash monster?” He screams when he team mates call him back away from supposed danger. The Hulk now heads back to Earth at the end of this film.

This movie actually shows Thor’s hammer disguised as an umbrella similar to the comic books.

Thor seemed to be getting a little flirty with the Valkyrie…

Doctor Strange fans get to see the expanded Thor “not tea” beer scene, that was teased in his first Strange film.

The Story: This reminded me very much of Gurdian’s of the Galaxy with non-stop laughs and quick jokes at every turn. The Rock Monster’s deadpan obviousness humor rings similar to the humor of Drax, You will love him. The story moves well and is mostly focused out of Earth – which I love.  The Hela story comes on quickly and tries to develop itself in just a few scenes. Hela’s power and wickedness is without question as only the great Cate Blanchett could pull off and  make  you believe in such a short span. Thor prevails as he heads back to Earth or someplace where the Asgardian’s can call home.

Of course, if you’ve seen the other Thor flicks, you will want to see this one and you won’t leave disappointed. You will laugh and love Thor: Ragnarok. Thor seems to be the Marvel gift that just keeps giving – after all, it’s a BIG universe.

Save me a seat in middle back.

  • Jim Goose Guzior