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EDGE OF TOMORROW is complete mindfuckery. The kind of mindfuckery that is expected in a Doug Liman movie and the style of fuckery that an audience would accept with arms wide open. Yes – let’s admit this, we love a twisted plot or even so any pattern of twist in a movie. Doug Liman is known for his confounding approaches and he in fact has done so and survived without having his name tarnished. EDGE OF TOMORROW is neither as complex nor impenetrable in terms of understanding like INCEPTION. It’s a plot that is fathomable. It is a 24 hour loop where action super star Tom Cruise dies over and over and over again. I did lose count but it was a good 100 times minimum. So for those fans that dislike Cruise this probably is a win-win situation. A great movie and Cruise keeps dying.

Alien movies, movies about aliens we have seen so many and now as an audience to us this on its own is a legit sub-genre within the sci-fi genre. My first impression: what sort of intergalactic foe is this? Named the Mimic I preferred the name tentacles. It does look like a dog cross bred with an octopus aka dogtopus. An alien can be whatever Liman thinks of it as and I have no beef with this. Since of late alien movies have been quite disappointing and have been known to reach ridiculous standards. Viewers avoid them. This is all about change and EDGE OF TOMORROW is redemption, it is a revival, it is a must watch.

Lt. Cage (Tom Cruise) pisses off the wrong people and is thrown in the mix of war where the Mimics (Aliens) are taking over all of Europe. Cage is not an action hero. He is the absolute opposite of what we have known Tom Cruise on screen for over decades. Cage is a coward. A weakling in uniform is what he is. This is the first biggest sell in EDGE OF TOMORROW. See Tom Cruise play a role of his life time like you have never seen him before. Cages first mission is a beach invasion. Feels like the opening shot of SAVING PRIVATE RYAN. Explosive, Chaotic, Sand in the Camera but less bloody but certain death. Few minutes on the beach and Cage dies taking his own life and the life an Omega. The day restarts again. That’s it. Yes that the entire movie. It keeps resetting.

Now what’s a sci-fi movie or a war movie without a little bit of romance? The Full Metal Jacket (Emily Blunt) is absolutely military sexy! Whilst Blunt looks ravishing covered in sweat and dirt the steal of the day is Tom Cruises performance by far. (No – I am not a fan of Tom Cruise). Cage and Rita find common ground and Rita herself was able to reset the day until a blood transfusion took away her ability. This fling on its own makes the movie lighter giving it the final touch of its excellence.

Is it a movie about aliens? Is it a movie of war? Is it a movie of Romance? If there is one thing that is certain about EDGE OF TOMORROW it is a movie that MUST BE WATCHED.





RATING: 08/10


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