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Public Enemies (2009)

After months of anticipation, July 1st marked the opening day for Public Enemies, the gangster, crime thriller directed and written by Michael Mann starting Johnny Depp, Christian Bale, and Marion Cotillard.

This film focuses on the cat and mouse game between John Dillinger (Johnny Depp), the notorious 1930’s bank robber and up and coming FBI agent Melvin Purvis (Christian Bale). Unfortunately, this film leaves you with nothing more then empty mouse traps and missing cheese. From the opening jail break sequence, to the last man standing standoff, this film disappoints.

In an attempt to provide the audience with an authentic viewing experience, Michael Mann and his team of writers fell short on character development, climactic story writing and fail to answer some of the most basic questions the audience is left with. Is this the Great Depression? Why did John Dillinger rob banks? Is Melvin Purvis the good guy or a hyped-up vigilante? After watching for 2.5 hours, I still don’t have the answers.

This movie does offer well choreographed action sequences, and Johnny Depp does a fantastic job bringing John Dillinger to the big screen; however the free-hand filming technique, length, and lack of overall approach make capturing the most notorious bank robber of the 20th century fall short.

Skip this one in theaters, watch it on DVD.

2 thoughts on “Public Enemies (2009)”

  1. I can definitely see why you feel the way you do about Public Enemies. There wasn’t much connection with the characters and if they weren’t played by great actors this movie could have been horrible. On the other hand I think the frantic, disconnected and mayhem vibe of the movie is reflective of the actual John Dillinger’s life style. Kudos on your review, you articulated your point nicely. You can check out my review if you want a different perspective.

  2. In short I was dissappointed with this film. I expected more action and story line however I was bored all the way through waiting for the big moment that never arrived even though ‘Johny Depp’ was in it. Neither was I impressed with his sudden death walking out from the cinema. The only character that made me shiver was M. Purvis that was brought in to catch him. Deffinataly not worth paying to see it in cinema, wait until it’s released on tv!

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