Scary Movie 4 (2006)

So, Scary Movie 4 opens up with Dr. Phil and Shaq doing the Saw routine. Remember when Shaq was the brunt of one of the jokes in the first Scary Movie? I guess either he’s forgotten or is a good sport, because now he’s actually in the movie. Funnily enough, his acting doesn’t come up. Instead, his inability to shoot free throws is about the only joke that the film comes up with. Wouldn’t it have been nice to have it come full circle? Whatever. I’m already overthinking a Scary Movie.

What do you want to know at this point? The combination of plots? It’s War of the Worlds meets The Grudge mixed with The Village. Is it kind of funny? Sure, I guess. Can I end the review early? Is there anything else I can say at this point? You’ve presumably already sat through three of these movies (or you haven’t, in which case you also won’t care about this one), so you know what to expect. And you’re probably going to watch this film regardless of what I have to say. I could say it’s the least funny movie ever and that would probably intrigue more people than it would turn away.

Actually, you know what I want to know? Why is King Kong on the movie poster? As far as I saw, he wasn’t even in the movie? wouldn’t using his likeness cost something in licensing fees? Why wasn’t anything done with his character. He could have fought the War of the Worlds Tripods! What a waste. There’s my biggest problem with Scary Movie 4. It didn’t use King Kong, despite included him on the film’s poster. That is a disappointment for which I will not stand.

Apart from that, this is a pointless review. Scary Movie 4 is a moderately funny mash-up of a couple of different plots. At the audience it throws some funny jokes, a lot of unfunny jokes, and some others which I’m not even sure were jokes. It relies on physical comedy and not as much vomit, which is probably a plus. Some of the references are clever, some are not. And I couldn’t shake the feeling that it does War of the Worlds better than Steven Spielberg and Tom Cruise did (not casting a perpetually screaming Dakota Fanning makes it so). There are funny celebrity cameos and lookalike cameos and you’ll find it somewhat enjoyable if you liked the other movies in the series.

There. We’re done. These movies don’t require a full review. You’ve got the information you need to know if you are going to watch it. At this point, you probably decided prior to reading whether or not it was going to grace your eyes. So I’ll spare you additional reading. Bye.

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