What do you get when you cross over samurai movies, kung-fu movies and American influences? You get “Kill Bill”. The fourth film by director Quentin Tarantino is an epic to say the least, and it is marvel on how filmmaking is done. First off, Mr. Tarantino decided to make the lead character a woman and just call her The Bride. Next, he puts The Bride into a revenge story that lasts almost four hours long. Finally, Mr. Tarantino delivers enough action to keep us satisfied. “Kill Bill” is an amazing tour de force of brutal action and a deep story to go along with it.

The story is a classic tale of revenge but in an unusual sort of way. On the day of her wedding, a bride and her associates get brutally murdered by the Deadly Viper Association. When the police arrive, the woman in white has a fake name so they call her “The Bride”, and that’s the name given to her throughout the rest of the film. The Bride (Uma Thurman) is not dead, but in a long comatose. Four years later, The Bride wakes up and remembers who “killed” her: former lover Bill. Afterwards, she makes a list of the people to kill with a strong abhorring nature of revenge. Unfortunately, the actual story of Kill Bill is around four hours so the filmmakers had to separate the film in two volumes. In volume one of this epic, The Bride kills two people on her list, and at the end of the movie, she promises to kill the others in volume two.

Everything is perfect in this film. The acting is incredibly great and just perfect. Uma Thurman delivers an outstanding performance as The Bride. The rest of the cast is well done especially from Lucy Liu, who plays O-Ren Ishii, the first person off The Bride’s list. Quentin Tarantino delivers an outstanding job at the direction helm for this movie. He blends all kinds of genres of film, using great locations and a clever eye, makes “Kill Bill” one of my favorite Quentin Tarantino movies. The special effects are very different. Unlike most other action movies that use explosions and such, “Kill Bill Vol. 1” uses blood. Lots and lots of blood. Finally, the music is awesome. The soundtrack is a mixed plethora of variety. We have material that should be in a 1970s action kung-fu movie, and we have sources that don’t fit in to well but they are enjoyable to say the least.

Overall, “Kill Bill Vol. 1” is an amazing blend of genres that fit perfectly well. I highly recommend that you get this movie.