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The Screwfly Solution (2006)

Of all the Master of Horror series, Joe Dante’s The Screwfly Solution shares its immeasurable claim to the horror genre equally superbly with that of another such category, the futurist of science fiction. Though unlike C.J. Johnson’s, The Signal, where humanity survives some hope, none is allowed in here. The dirge is almost sounded from the very start. (Not that anything is given away to prospective viewers.)

In truth what Screwfly might have lost as an horror film by giving some consideration to the likelihood some survivors always issue from catastrophe…even biological, it would have gained even more as a futurist movie. And, believe this, it would have still had plenty left to qualify as one of the most horrifying of all the Master of Horror series.

Although an alien presence emerges, with a little more “play” to give to its clean-up of the planetary virus mankind is becoming on orb earth, the manner of the pest remover’s methodology is bizarre, at best…serial killing spree fest at worst. And the viewer will not get used to it. At least for several bedtimes. Just when you think you might, the viewer gets that jolt from hell Dante seems gifted to find.

The film starts off innocently enough, don’t get too used to that. In a little bit clumsy and unlikely way we are given a background on genetic engineering kind of like the way props are sometimes used to help with flashback. But then this damn thing takes off and the foreboding hits its climax early enough but with all kinds of action to keep denouement alive and throbbing.

The bad thing is this is possible, not just in the future but NOW, no aliens needed. That’s what gave more than one poor night of sleep to this guy.

Performances are very good. Direction is too good. Not a cheap movie to make for a series and special effects are uncommonly good. Parental discretion…some adults might be too impressionable and one word of caution, young ladies should have their hands held tight while viewing and assured daddy has no glean in his eye.

Highly recommended except to the dysfunctional.

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