You know I read this book twice and listened to the audio book a couple times as well. So right from the start, it was going to be hard to please me on this one. Tom Hanks returns as Robert Langdon – symbologist extraordinaire. He has been trying to get into the Vatican Archives to work on his next novel but after his Da Vinci incident, let’s just say he’s not on the Roman Catholic church’s good side (see The Da Vinci Code). When the Vatican approaches and asks him for help, Langdon sets off on his next adventure.

Bottom line – I liked this movie. It has some problems.  It runs at such a fast pace we miss out on the significance of the path and the milestones that lead us to the conclusion. In the book there is time to digest each stage of this journey and I think there is time to do it on film as well. Director Ron Howard didn’t see the stages as a top priority but concentrates his efforts on misdirection. Because the movie races so fast, you miss what is beautiful and mysterious about religion, about Angels & Demons, about symbols, about secret societies.  We speed by like a race car down Rodeo Drive; we know there are beautiful things to see in the windows but we can’t stop to take a look.  I missed the Da Vinci Code’s Robert Langdon that could see the images floating in the air and put them together in his head and that awesome music that signified the transcendence of mortal powers to the super intellect.  This Robert Langdon figured it out in his head and we just standby and watch but are not part of the discovery process.

I won’t get into the religious aspects of this movie. I wanted to see a movie, and it could have been about any religion. I took it as fiction and won’t watch History Channel episodes about what is the truth in Angels & Demons either…I don’t care. 

So save the stash or spend the cash? I think you gotta spend the cash on this one. Whatever it’s missing, it’s still a great ride. Then go home and pull out your Da Vince Code (Uncut Version) on DVD and watch it.  You will be fully Illuminated.

See you in the middle back.

Jim Goose Guzior