Taken (2009)

Taken expresses what may happen when you mess with the wrong daughter’s father. Directed by Pierre Morel, this film will keep you in suspense with plenty of nonstop action and thrills greatly shown through Liam Neeson.

This action/thriller is based on the kidnapping of daughter Kimberley (Maggie Grace) of divorced husband Bryan Mills (Liam Neeson), and his ex-wife Lenore (Famke Jannsen). Bryan who was a retired “preventer” gives up his secret life as a preventer to become closer to his 17 year old daughter. Neglecting the consequences of Kimberley’s age of today’s world, Lenore convinces her ex-husband to grant Kimberly her Paris trip with friend Amanda. Shortly after Kim and Amanda get into their apartment, Kim calls her father. Moments later Kimberley notices across the apartment that someone else is there. Amanda who is blaring her music and oblivious to what is going on, is kidnapped at a moment’s notice. Still on the phone with her father, she informs her father what has happened and he instructs what is going to happen next….she is going to be taken. With the information he obtained from his daughter and a certain set of skills he hones, Bryan embarks on a hunt to retrieve his most precious thing in the world, his Daughter.

Pierre Morel created a pretty good action and suspense flick. Overall this is a balanced movie but also has some weak spots. The main critique I have about this movie is the situations that Liam Neeson’s character Bryan Mills gets into seems pretty easy for him to get out of.  The most obvious scenes or situations are the classic outnumbering by gunmen and Bryan gets himself out of the situation. Or the typical car chase where he is able such as the car chase in Paris, like he knows the streets in the back of his hand. If you can get passed some nonrealistic action, (which usually occurs in almost every action movie) you probably will not be upset even if you can’t.

Taken is given the acting support of Liam Neeson, Famke Jannsen, and upcoming new actress Maggie Grace. Throughout the film you definitely get the feel of relating to these characters. Liam Neeson’s character in this movie, is a retired government agent who seems how to handle the worst situations, and definitely shows how to react to the situation he is in. He retired in order to be more apart of his daughter’s life, and his character evolves from happy to worried, sad, angry, proud, and violent in every way you would think. As Famke Jannsen’s character starts as neglecting mother who wanted her daughter to experience fun overseas, is now a worried mother wanting to get her daughter back. Lastly, the daughter of the divorced two, Maggie Grace’s character goes from the excited, innocent teen to the scared, confused kidnapped girl in another country. This cast does a great job portraying their characters and brings out feelings in which you immediately empathize and sympathize for.

Overall Taken is a must see action movie for the thrill seekers, with a good cast and good directing. If you’re a big fan of the Jason Bourne trilogy or a big fan of the show 24, then you will have no trouble loving this movie. For some of lack of realism is easily made up with the action and suspense Liam Neeson provides this thriller.

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  1. I agree with your review except on one point. You said that Bryan Mills seemed able to get out of bad situations very easily. You seemed to forget that this man worked for the goverment that means he traveled extensivly. So the point you made of him knowing Paris streets could have very well been true. Seeing as how he had probably been in Paris multiple time on buisness for the goverment. His training would of made him an indestructible force and very capable of getting out of bad situations.

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