Fast and Furious

When you mix the fast-paced action of street racing and the furious attitude of a felon who’s had someone taken from him, you get “Fast and Furious.”  In the dramatic sequel/continuation of “The Fast and the Furious,” Vin Diesel and Paul Walker are paired up, once again, to rain havoc on the streets of L.A..  This time, there is more at stake and a lot on Dom’s (Vin Diesel) mind. The very first seen, which many of you may have viewed on this wonderful internet of ours already, is a ridiculously out of control action sequence that makes you wonder if there is going to be any actual plot.  Just a bunch of funny, jive-talkin’ 30-something’s driving fast cars, jumping on oil truck trains, and pulling off the improbable.  Follow that up with an adrenaline fueled foot chase through, over, and around all sorts of buildings, ending with Brian (Paul Walker) on top of your average gangster and screaming for a name.  He got what he wanted.  Finally, your heart rate drops back down to normal and you start to get a plot.   Dom knows the Fed’s are after him, so he distances himself from everyone he loves.  You know, the normal thing those tough guys do when the **** hits the fan.  Of course, one thing leads to another.  Something happens to someone, somewhere, and someone else gets angry and looks for answers.  Bad guy looks for other bad guy, while good guy is looking for BOTH bad guys, and as expected, Brian and Dom end up in a race together.  A race that will get either of them closer to whom they seek, should they win.  Winner gets to work for someone special.”A lot has changed.”  Not really.  It’s the same old scene.  Fast cars with hot girls all over them and that one guy who you just want to deck the moment a word comes out of his mouth, but you can’t because he’s just so worthless.  A race ensues with two out of four drivers getting……  DESTROYED! One of our two stars wins with the help of a little foul play and get’s his spot on a rather curious group of driver’s.  The other star uses his own foul play to make the team too.So, now the duo is back together again and we’ve got ourselves a movie.  Somehow, Dom and Brian find ways to look past the short-skirt-ridden club scenes and bra-less beauty (Gal Gadot), and get some information on this man they are working for.  It turns out that the two signed up to be drug-runners (big surprise) and one of the bosses top men catches Dom’s attention.  The movie seem’s to climax once Dom makes his move, but there was a whole lot more, and I just can’t bare to spoil it for those who haven’t seen it yet.The action in this film was top notch.  From the driving sequences to the hand to hand and back again, it was superb.  There were some crashes that I could actually feel.  The director (Justin Lin) left no question of the outcome of a crash.  Most were pretty obvious, the driver could not have possibly survived.As far as acting goes, you get what you paid for.  It’s Vin Diesel for god’s sake.  What more can you expect from him?  He and Paul Walker turn in good performances, but hardly Oscar-worthy.  The story was well-thought and kept me wanting.  It’s always refreshing to watch a good movie that leaves the end open enough for a sequel, but closed enough to feel that sense of closure.All in all, “Fast and Furious” was just as good as the first film.  Any street racing junky would be proud.  Those of us action junkies certainly are.  I look forward to the next, should there be one.  Until then, I leave you with this bit of advice: “Muscle always beats import, every time.”

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