I Am Legend (2007)

Who would have thought that The Fresh Prince of the music industry, and a well known T.V. show would be an upcoming star.  I don’t think that I have seen too many Will Smith movies that I didn’t like.  This Action packed film by Francis Lawrence is about a virus that plagued New York, and whoever contracted this virus turned into some kind of super human zombie of sorts.  Will smith play a scientist who is trying to find not only survivors of this virus, but also a cure for it.

  Robert Neville(Will Smith), is the last man in New York, and maybe even all the world.  He is trying to find a cure to the virus that plagued most of the citizens.  Partnered up with his faithful canine Sam, they hit the streets looking for answers.  He does a variety of things day to day, to help himself cope with the fact that he is his only company, like vising the neighborhood music store, and video store.  He has mannequins placed around the city and pretends that they are other survivors.  During the day, one of his priorities is to hunt the infected so he can capture a subject for a series of tests, trying to find an antidote and cure everyone.  He gets caught up a couple of times being out on the streets at dusk when the infected come out in search of food, and has to battle them off and make it back home where he feels safe.  In one of his outings, his german sheperd Sam is bitten and infected in an attempt to protect his master from infected canines.  In a fit of rage he takes out as many of the infected humans as he can, and ends up putting himself in danger.  He is rescued by a female survivor who is accompanied by her son.  She gets him away from harm and back home, only to later find out that the infected follwed them and will stop at nothing until they get what they want.

  An incredible acting performance by Will Smith, so realistic, would probably be the same way I would carry myself and handle things if I ever found myself in that kind of danger.  You can’t find better acting for a part like this!

   An awesome directing performance by Francis Lawrence, this movie kept me in my seat!!!  This film is based on the a 1954 Novel by Richard Matheson.  It is also a remake of the 1964 film “The last man on earth”.

    Well if you don’t know by now, this film is a definite must see,  For Will Smith Fans, and for anybody looking for that next great thrill ride!!

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