Movie and Film Reviews (MFR) Comedy,Drama THE GUILT TRIP (2012)


Whilst STEP-UP brought her to the wide screen and showed her the true temptations of success, director Anne Fletcher has ever since attempted again and again to reach the same heights in her directing career. One must agree that her determination is admirable and that her talent in directing must not be under estimated. THE PROPOSAL and 27 DRESSES were decent box office hits which favored me in the choice of making her most recent feat THE GUILT TRIP starring Barbra Streisand and Seth Rogen my weekend movie choice.

Everyone makes bad choices and I hope my readers would make a better choice following this review.

Whenever a production fails we tend look hard into our own selves and our opinions to find out what went wrong in our own paradigms.  In my cross hair I have now four names; Barbra Streisand, Seth Rogen, Anne Fletcher and writer Dan Fogelman. The talents and the potential of Streisand and Rogen will not be questioned and their weak performances in THE GUILT TRIP are merely chalked as a result of their hands been tied with a limited script or restricted direction. Rogen as always puts up his dismissal attitude to every situation to work. As always he gets away with it. However I am not convinced that Rogen did keep his best foot forward when settling into his character of Andrew. Personally Jason Bateman would have been better fit in this instance. As for Barbra Streisand she does the best she could and yet failed to draw out one single chuckle out during the 95 minutes.

Dan Fogelman did a good job with his script CRAZY, STUPID, LOVE however he drops the ball with THE GUILT TRIP. This draws all fire in his direction and I think that’s not too fair either. Fogelman clearly does know the ropes of his business. In fact the plot of the movie is very “home-movie” like. While the writing of the characters feels rushed the comedy indeed is entirely lost. But still Anne Fletcher could have done more to add more essence to the obvious bland production. Maybe next time?

Andrew Brewster is an inventor of some sort who is taking a road trip trying to sell his new line of cleaning detergent. Over and Over again Andy has been unsuccessful so far. His takes his final leap of faith with his mom by his side riding all the way across the United States in an eco friendly Chevy.

A confusing plot, under performed by the stars and ignorant direction.





RATING: 02/10




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