As I searched through the guide on my TV I came across  a movie that is best served the second time around, Juno.  Having seen Juno in the theater last year, I was curious to see if the movie held up one year later.  I was pleasantly surprised to see that I actually enjoyed it more the second time around.  It still maintains a freshness, that many comedies lose with age.

Juno, directed with perfection by Jason Reitman(Thank You for Smoking), is a cautionary tale of “the cautionary whale.”  Ellen Page(Hard Candy) stars in the title role as Juno, a 16 year old smart mouthed girl who gets impregnated.  Michael Cera(Superbad) plays Paulie Bleeker, the orange tic-tac obsessed object of Juno’s desire, and the father of her unborn child.  Coping with the reality of raising a child, Juno decides to give the baby up for adoption.  Jason Bateman(Hancock) and Jennifer Gardner(13 Going on 30) play the couple Juno deems worthy of her offspring.  What ensues is a hilarious, sometimes touching story of love, lost youth, and indie music that promises to tickle yours ears in ways you didn’t know possible.

The screenplay written with extra snap by award winning, Diablo Cody(United States of Tara), comes to life in a quirky world, not unlike the one we all live each day.  Juno speaks with a fresh dialogue as if it were fashioned from a Kevin Smith-esque world.  Jason Reitman showed no sign of a “sophomore slump” in his second outing as a director.  He has a tremendous knack for unusual comedy, and I for one can’t wait to see what he does next.  I loved Thank you for Smoking and Juno proved to be a worthy sister to that tour De force of a comedy.

Having watched Juno in the theater and now on the small screen, I believe this is a film best suited for the comfort of your own home.  It comes off as a realistic movie, that could have easily happened two houses down from your own.  You will laugh, ask yourself tough questions, but most important, you will feel for each character in this film.  They all seem like friends that you haven’t seen for a year, and it felt great to get back in touch with them, even if for just a couple hours.

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