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‘W’, an Oliver Stone film is a movie based on the life of George W Bush, the former president of
USA. Emphasis on time ranging from his college days to his becoming the president and the eventual downfall of the Saddam regime. W is played by Josh Brolin and W senior by the much acclaimed James Cromwell.

The movie switches back and fourth in time portraying W’s carefree life in college, and then to his becoming the governor and finally president. The movie begins in the year 2002, when W was in office and then switches to 1967 his younger self, being ragged, partying, drinking and even ending up in jail, only to being bailed out by his father, a congressman then. W gives us a good glimpse into George Bush’s personal life. Be it the uncontrollable drinking habit, the inability to hold onto jobs or the dotting eager son trying hard not to disappoint his father. It also highlights how he met his wife, his personal and career struggle, his entry into politics and his unwavering faith that not only transformed him to a sober person but gave him a goal to become the governor followed by him running for the presidency.

The movie is in the truest sense about the man inside ‘The George W Bush ‘of the world. Here George W Bush is lesser a diplomat and more a man of the people. Here we see a ‘Real’ person with ‘Real’ emotions. The movie portrays George W Bush as a ‘Non-Politician’ and instead a Regular Guy from
Texas who gets to be the President. It is a refreshing change to see a fun casual side to the diplomat side of the man that most of us witness on our television screens.

The movie does tend to drag along a bit towards the end and is a tad bit long. And technically there isn’t too much out-of-the- box, but with little doubt Josh Brolin has done an excellent job acting as W; he was convincingly George W Bush right from his expressions to his voice. I liked the movie because it isn’t your usual run-of-the-mill President story with the Security, White House, Weapons and high collar parties with posh trimmings and all. It is a movie that shows you the limitations and weakness of the president and you still just can’t help liking the guy.

If you are looking for some action or heated war-stuff then you will be disappointed because this movie is about emotions, diplomacy and George W Bush. It is a good movie and I would personally give this movie 3.5 out of 5.


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