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DVD Review: Cheech and Chong’s Still Smokin’ – I Love The 80’s Edition

Cheech and Chong go to Amsterdam! Sounds great, right? Actually, it’s borderline terrible. The stoner team returns and this time they’re heading to Amsterdam. Tickets were inadvertently sent to Cheech and Chong and the two are repeatedly mistaken for Burt Reynolds and Dolly Parton. Gifted with the pleasure of putting all of the assets on Burt and Dolly’s tab, Cheech and Chong are treated like royalty in the drug capital of the world and it doesn’t cost them a dime.

Is it possible that the dynamic comedy duo that was once funny in the ’70s and spawned the sub-genre known as “stoner comedies” ran out of smoke in the ’80s?

Still Smokin’ maintains a steady stream of laziness as it hawks random sketches that are about as unfunny as they are poorly stitched together. By stretching jokes too far and punctuating sketches that focus primarily on homosexuality, Cheech and Chong’s fourth film is a major party foul.

I love Cheech and Chong; I really do! But let’s face the facts, the Cheech and Chong routine went steadily downhill after the pair’s first feature-length movie Up In Smoke gained a cult following for its attempt at mixing substance abuse with routine comedy. Every project afterwards was uniformly worse than the next and apparently things became a bit stale when they approached their fourth film Still Smokin’.

If you haven’t yet seen a Cheech and Chong film, don’t start with this one. It just doesn’t have the appropriate material to be a stoner comedy, which must consist of two things: smoking pot and comedy. Unfortunately, Still Smokin’ is nearly absent of both. It’s possibly the duo’s worst collaboration to date.

Maybe the biggest problem here is the team went cheap on us. After their relatively successful film Up In Smoke, Tommy Chong decided to direct the overachieved sequels. Not only is it junk, but low-quality junk at that. Nothing is really funny when things are this messy, and Chong is in no shape to direct a film in his later days. This is more than half-baked, it’s more than tiresome, and it’s more than a misfire.

There is no denying that this comedy team once had great material, but this is about as funny as a joint that doesn’t smoke. The next time you stoners go to light up, you might as well burn this DVD while you’re at it.

The DVD has no special features, no commentary, no nothing. Oh, it does come with a Limited Edition ’80s CD and a measly theatrical trailer…yippee! 1/5 stars

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