This movie “there will be blood” was amazing i really didn’t think i was going to like it but it was a lot better then i had it pegged to be.

    Daniel day -Lewis  plays an oil man Daniel Plainview who get a hint there is oil at the sunday’s ranch so he and his son go out to the Sunday’s to check it out and discover that the young man who told them that there was oil there was right there was and Daniel starts to drill but he run’s in to problems when a young preacher Eli Sunday (Paul Dano) who taunts Daniel in to coming to church and when he will be done so he can have the money and Daniel is not having any of it.

  Daniel get’s really fired up at Eli’s God after his son’s accident witch then spins Daniel out of control and he will never be the same toward his son ever again.

  This movie was good i just had kind of a problem with the filming of the movie i don’t know why but the way this movie was shot kind of bugged me. Like the camera would be on one person talking and the charter would say something to someone but it would stay on that one guy while the other guy was taking or answering him. i don’t know i could be wrong it was shot beautiful like the scenes were very pretty it was just shot very different the i have seen before.

well this is my input on this movie  2 thumbs up for me!!