Dracula (1992)

Director: Francis Ford Coppola ( Jack, Supernova,The Outsides and much more

Writer: Bram Stoker and James V. Hart

Cast: Gary Oldman, Winona Ryder,  Keanu Reeves, Anthony Hopkins, Cary Elwes, Richard E grant, Sadie Frost,  Bill Campbell.

The film began with a prince and princess saying goodbye. Prince Vlad (Oldman) Batman Begins  a solider of  the Order Of The Dragon goes to war with the Turkish army to fight for the Romanian Church in 1462. His wife receives news that her prince has died. Disheartened that she will never see her prince again, she throws herself into a river. Vlad returns home and finds Elisabeta (Ryder) Mr. Deeds dead. With her soul now damned, Dracula is infuriated by this, renounces his God, and states that he will be alive after death and use the power of darkness to avenge Elisabeta’s death.

Four centuries later in London 1897 Johnathan Harker (ReevesThe Watcher is ask by his law firm to travel to Transylvania to take care of Count Dracula’s affairs. When he arrives to the castle he meets The Count, a very old, pale, and strange man. After signing the papers for The Count’s new estate, Dracula stumbles upon Johnathan’s fiancee Mina. Who is a reincarnation of his beloved Elisbeta. Dracula leaves by boat to London to seduced Mina, while leaving Johnathan with his evil brides to drain him dead.

Dracula arrives in London and finds Mina’s promiscuous friend Lucy (Sadie Frost) Fly Paper, sexually dominating her and sucking the blood from her neck.  After regaining his youth and strength he meets Mina. Using his glamor to woo her, the two fall in love all over again, meanwhile Lucy is perishing from the loss of blood. Scared that she’s going to die her fiancee  Arthur (Elwes) along with her many suitors Morris, (Campbell)  and Dr. Seward (Grant) call Dr. Van Helsing (Hopkins) Silence Of The Lambs. Van Helsing sees that Lucy has been bitten by Nosferatu. Back in Transylvania Johnathan goes to a church and sends for Mina. Mina is happy to hear the news and tries to forget about Dracula. Johnathan and Mina get married and return to London. Dracula finds out and is enraged, therefore condemns Lucy to be a vampire. After Lucy is put to rest, Van Helsing leads the suitors and fiancee to her grave, only to find out that Lucy has become a vampire. Arthur decides to stake his wife in the heart and Van Helsing decapitates her.

Mina and Johnathan join Van Helsing to stop and kill Dracula. Dracula goes to Mina, telling her everything about him. Even though Mina is angry and hurt, she still wants to be his bride. After Dracula romantically bites her, he wants her to feed from him. While this is going on the hunters break in. Dracula then shapeshifts into an army of mice and gets away leaving Mina behind. Will they ever be together again?

This movie was the best vampire film I have ever seen. It had everything you could want in a movie. The cast was breathtaking and very passionate of there character roles. Gary Oldman  was the artist and his body was the canvas. He shaped himself into so many personalities. I never thought of him to be the sexy type, but he proved me wrong when he took this role.  Some of the scenes made me feel like I was really in Transylvania back in 1897. The costumes were elegant, free-flowing, and full of color. The music had personality in every note. It expresses strength and danger, it literally gave me goosebumps. You would think because of the movie being made in the early nineties, that its special effects would not be pleasing to watch. On the contrary it was quite surprising on how the overall quality of the film looked. If you like vampire movies I seriously recommend this one. Rated R for sexual content and violence.

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  1. There were interesting touches, when Dracula drove his sword through the
    heart of the Byzantine cross (assuming thus acquitting himself of the domain of God) and the drops of reductant at the castle that fell up instead of down. Elements like this add depth to the complexity of the
    vampire and show his lengthy time reflected in a more progressed knowledge

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