Kiss,Kiss,Bang,Bang was a great movie it was funny the amazing cast was the desperate ex thief Robert Downey Jr. and the so called gay private investigator Val Kilmer and the Indiana girl trying to live a better life in LA Michelle Monaghan. this film takes place in LA, and the whole plot basically about these Johnny Gossamer book’s that Harry and Harmony read when they were younger. Harry Lockheart (Robert Downey Jr.) stubble’s in to a Audition for a movie while he was running from the cop’s and end’s up getting picked for screen testing so the casting director hires Gay Perry ( Val Kilmer) to give him Detective Lessons to work on harry’s acting.They follow some guy Perry was hired to follow and they run it to some trouble when the car they were following runs off in to a lake with a dead girl in the trunk. 

          Harry run’s in to his high school crush Harmony Faith Lane (Michelle Monaghan) and then Later on Harry get’s a phone call that Harmony shot her self this put’s Harry in to a deep depression.  Well you soon find out that harmony is alive and well but she has found her little sister dead and comes to Harry for help cause she think’s he is a dective well cause her friend told her he was so yeah he goes along with it and says he will help her now her little sister was in LA cause she thought her real dad was not her real dad cause he sexually abused her when she was little so Harmony told her little sister her real dad was an actor so she came out to LA to find him.  while Harry is telling Harmoney bye and he will see her in the morning to go over her case well the dead body from the lake in in Harry’s Shower ahhhhhhhh  so he calls Perry for help then they go on this desperate way of losing the body before the cop’s come it does involve a kiss between Robert And Val hhahah   now they are just trying to figure this whole thing out about the dead girl and the girl with pink hair you’ll see. well this movie is so funny i was on the floor laughing it is kind-of crazy at times but that is what makes it so good Robert Downey Jr. and Val Kilmer  work so well together. They are so funny and together they are even better. this movie is a good one i highly recommend it. 5 stars in my book.