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The Family Man (2000)

 Everyone in their life wants to be either a husband or a father. To become a father or a husband may be considered the greatest thing on Earth. The trouble is facing the reality behind it all. That is where movies like 2000’s “The Family Man” showcase what the average family is like, through the eyes of the father/husband as he deals with the struggle of raising two kids and counseling with his wife. Though the film is a bit slow at times, the message of choice comes out very clear to the audience. The decision of choice can effect the memories of the past and how they can change our future. “The Family Man” is a great movie that not only looks at being a parent, as well as being part of a couple, but also managing a relationship as a family.

 The story has a man named Jack Campbell (Nicolas Cage) living the high life as a Wall Street broker. But he almost didn’t have the rich life that he has right now. In fact, Jack almost got married and lead a normal life. After a terrible encounter at a convenient store with a robber, Jack wakes up to the ultimate surprise. He is now married to his old college girlfriend Kate (Tea Leoni) and has two kids to support. Now, Jack must cope with reality and decide if living in this fantasy is perfect for him. And perhaps, maybe, being normal isn’t so bad after all.

 “The Family Man” is a great showcase of what the average family goes through, as well having a glimpse into another person’s life with the life he could have had. The story is great as it gives the character of Jack a lesson in redemption and a second chance in life. Also, the story shows how the average family deals with problems financially, physically, and emotionally. Director Brett Ratner is a surprise as the previous film that he made was the action film “Rush Hour”. So, for him doing a family comedy is definitely something completely different. The acting from the two main leads are fantastic, with Cage and Leoni both giving out wonderful performances from each of their characters. The music by Danny Elfman is one of his better scores as it is an almost quiet piece when hearing it. Yet the theme of redemption is where this movie shines. We’ve seen this theme done in other films before, but here, the theme takes its time and gives little hints along the way. “The Family Man” is a nice excursion into seeing what a family is like and the little things that make it work.

 With that being said, there is one minor flaw to this film. That flaw being that the movie goes at a slow pace. There are some moments in the film, especially during the third act, that drag the film longer than it should. If the movie had been shortened by a couple of minutes, then it would have been perfect.

 In conclusion, “The Family Man” is a great movie, albeit somewhat on the long side, that gives the viewer a look at what a normal family goes through, and one man’s choice from the past can change his future.

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