When settling down to take in the newest Hollywood remake of yet another eighties semi-hit the feeling of uncertainty is only accompanied by the smell of popcorn. My daughter’s seem unusually excited for this one as do the various groups teenagers that surround us. I think I’m going to save my accolades for post feature.

What the buzz online is telling me is that this remake is better than the original. Which in my opinion isn’t going to be hard. (Sorry Kevin Bacon.)

A little about the movie for those of you who don’t know.

After a horrific car accident kills five beloved high school seniors the towns overly religious and strict law makers ban dancing for anyone under 18 years old. After three years the town’s teens have resorted to kicking up their heels at secret impromptu party’s at the local drive in. That is until a mysterious newcomer moves to town from Boston and turns the town, pardon the cliche, upside down.

Boyfriends, lawmakers, and the church all get challenged in the process of the dance revolution.

Alright, I have to admit it…Footloose is an entertaining and genuinely fun movie going experience. The fresh new actors gave it authenticity while the few veteran players made it feel like home. I can honestly say that the flow of the storyline and upbeat, yet surprisingly realistic dance scenes made this Footloose remake one we will definitely be seeing again.

My girls each gave it a perfect 5 stars while I’m going to have agree it’s a great time I’m giving it 4 out of 5 stars and a big recommend to see for anyone who likes to tap their toes.

“…and remember 3-parts popcorn to 2-parts chocolate washed down with 1-part cold beverage. Mmm. See you at the movies!” – Mr. E