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Rhyming Review For ‘Lincoln’

‘Lincoln’ tells the story of the final months in office for president # sixteen
It’s an acting showcase with many outstanding performances that are seen

Daniel Day-Lewis stars as Lincoln, the man with the recognizable hat and beard
In supporting roles are Sally Field and Tommy Lee Jones, whose wig is weird

Many other recognizable actors fill a variety of roles in this dramatic film event
They just add to the grand scope of this film as their top talent they have lent

Be warned it’s not a typical biopic like the many other’s that have come before
It only focuses on Lincoln’s efforts to free the slaves and end the civil war

There’s manipulation and persuasion of others reflecting the politics of the times
The methods used to get votes are questionable and could be considered crimes

You don’t learn about his life, his childhood, his family or any of his past glories
There are many scenes where you just get to hear Lincoln tell others his stories

Directed by Steven Spielberg, all the production elements of the film are done well
However, it moves slowly, it’s long and for me, recommending it is a tough sell

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