Red State

I am quite unsure where to begin with. I am quite certain I am offended by the content and themes discussed in RED STATE. Just like he attracted many negative vibes for his comedy DOGMA back in 1999, Kevin Smith seems to be doing it again. It took Smith a long time to recover from all the media banter and slashing he received for the religious plot in DOGMA. DOGMA being a comedy and RED STATE being a movie on a heavier note will indeed take him longer. This is one of those times that a director should be happy his movie is an all-round flop. What were you thinking Smith? What’s happened to the real Kevin Smith? 

Social networking, Tweeting, Online Dating have taken over our world. Gone are the days where you will call your friends up and wish them on the birthday. Instead you would rather write on the Facebook wall. Gone are the days you would call up a friend to check up on them or catch up on them, instead you would rather poke them via Facebook. You don’t need to watch the news no more or read the papers to be in touch and to be up to speed, instead simply follow them on Twitter and you will be as updated as the man who spends all afternoon reading the entire newspaper. Giving that Twitter is real time and the newspaper has been printed the previous night, the Twitter follower may be on top of things. Online dating sites of today are becoming more interesting to the younger generation around the world, given the fact of all the encouragement for sexual immorality that takes place in them. Jarod too is a teenager who likes the whole online dating concept. With aid of a website that brings together individuals with the raw intention of sex, Jarod makes a date with a lady who wishes to be with Jarod and his 2 friends; Travis and Billy at the same time. The boys not knowing what they are getting themselves into, heads towards meeting the stranger in the night! It indeed does not turn out to be as exciting as they hoped, instead it possibly could be their last road trip. 

Deep context is shed into the light with themes of sexual immorality through the internet and accessibility to the under aged. However the plot entirely takes a speedy turn into religion and brings to light the church. The Five Point Church as shown to us in this movie is a group of strong followers of Christ and his teachings. However are portrayed as extremists who would go to grave extents to instill the word of god. In my personal opinion Smith should not have tied the movie with religion at any cost since it is downright offensive and portrays a clearly improper depiction of what the church is all about. Instead this could have been drawn out to the viewers as a cult with its own agenda. Smith focuses intensely on the Christian faith and scripture when directs a scene with Pastor Abin Cooper over a prolonged period of time. Smith wished for the viewer to understand it’s a church; in that case just a brief introduction would have been sufficed. Instead he rambles on for a good 10 long minutes which really is unnecessary. John Goodman who plays Joseph Keenan is the only saving grace in all of RED STATE. It’s a pity that such a great script with vast plot options wide opened focused all its energy on entirely the wrong direction. 

Offensive to religion and sexual orientation of the man I am surprised RED STATE cleared censorship. 

Kevin Smith, what was your true intent? 

Nothing More Nothing Less 

Title: Red State

Directed by: Kevin Smith

Starring: John Goodman, Kyle Gallner, Nicholas Braun, Micheal Angarano & Micheal Park

Rated: R for strong violence/disturbing content, some sexual content including brief nudity, and pervasive language

Rating: 02/10




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