Ready set hike! This movie starring Ice Cube and Keke Palmer will have you running for the ball!

The story starts of in an old town in Minen Illinois where an alcoholic man is forced to watch his niece (Palmer) when the mom has to take longer shifts at work. Palmer’s character is a loner who reads constantly and does not fit in, but when she tries the other kids make fun of her. All that changes when her uncle (Cube) takes her to a park where football is the only game the town can hold onto. Palmer’s character (Plummer) becomes the first girl in an all boys league.

There were some discriminatory remarks in this movie; however, the issue was not a huge part in the movie’s game. There was sexism of having a girl play in an all boys team. Girls can’t play football, oh yes they can. One girl took the whole team of boys and made them into champions along with the help of a determined coach when his niece’s father walks out on her.

Family is a controversial issue, for example, when Plummer’s dad tried to come back into her life, it is hard for her to accept the fact that he just doesn’t want to be in her life. At the big game, they lost the game, but they won something great coming home. The town acts as one big family, black and white. They pitch on to restore the town to its natural beauty in the times when everything was lost.

This movie is family friendly and if you enjoy football this movie is cool and fly high. Make sure you are a fan of Beyonce, Tyra and Gracy Brown. If you see the movie you’ll know what I mean :)